Just Simplee.... Italy travel blog

We landed in Abu Dhabi 5:35am Wednesday

Temp - Hot..... Africa Hot.

We traveled all day and night from Italy to here.

Once we landed in Rome (after 2 trains and 1 plane) we were then shuttled onto a bus from the tarmac. The bus took approx 10 mins to arrive at a terminal.

A toilet stop - locate our flight on the board - make our way through immigration. Easy...right?

We were sooooooo wrong!

A queue awaits us and our next flight was scheduled for 22:00. Current time = 21:20.

The Scott Girls hit panic mode.

We asked a security person if we will make our flight?

"Plenty of time ma'am - line is moving. Possibly another 10 mins in line".

Right ok...... breathe.

However as we know you start boarding the plane about 45 mins give or take prior to departure.

Our worry now was everyone would be on the plane - would there be overhead locker space available?

Once through "happy" immigration we now have to find gate 42.

Long corridors, around corners up an escalator, then a wall. Our new option was a one stop mono rail thingy to our gate!


Debra is way ahead.

Karen lagging - sign on the thingy reads "doors about to close".

The mono rail might be there but the girls were at "Panic Stations"!

We just make the mono rail and then it is hang on as we zip our way across the airport.

Finally we locate our gate - check our boarding pass then down a flight of stairs ....seriously??? Haven't we endured enough?

At last the plane....and to greet us are the stewards with glasses of champagne. Aaah how thoughtful and alas....if only. We turn right instead of left and leave the stewards with the glasses of champagne and head towards the rear of the plane.

Time is now 21:55.

Wake up in Abu Dhabi.𯘴𯘪𯘌𯌍✈⌛

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