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I farewelled Mountainous Luchon with a chilly early morning walk, the town was completely surrounded by mountains with many fast flowing rivers and a lovely ski resort atmosphere. Enjoyed the two lovely gay gentlemen who owned our hotel with panoramic views, they were so helpful and quite humourous considering their French background.

We had an uneventful 5 hour trip in a small private bus, but interseting when you start to analyse our travel group who are really quite amusing, and who have made the trip such fun (or perhaps I used them to make it a fun trip ha ha).

Our Cabillero (knight with the swinging ponytail but no shining armour) sat in the front with our Greek Goddess - told you so, nudge, nudge, wink, wink and became visibly more excited the nearer we got to the Spanish Border, he was thrilled to be back in his home country.

Robyn organised our French driver in military precision ensuring he obeyed all the road rules etc.

I caught up on the Sydney Morning Herald (just to ensure I don’t miss anything Margo might have caught up on without my knowledge), tho the Australian news seemed so totally irrelevant sitting in a bus in Northern Spain.

Trump junior was unusually quiet however was fluffing her sulphur infused (from the sulphur thermal baths in Luchon) dreadlocks in an effort to get (what I call the fox on her head, she takes it well) them dry sometime over the next three days (ala wet dog smell on Northhaven beach, Laurieton?).

The American Bobsey Twins sat quietly in the rear, seat belted much to our Cabillero’s delight as they could not get lost on the bus trip and he never once received a wherethefuckarewe bird call from them during the entire trip.

Our waitress from Wollongong slept all the way as she was getting over her ‘tinder’ French dating experiences from the night before.

So, all was good for a peaceful trip.

It was wonderful to be back on the coast and to see the sea. San Sebastián is much quieter, smaller and less crowded than I expected, in fact, a delightful resort town on the Bay of Biscay in Spain’s Basque Country and easy to walk around.

The beaches are lovely, a bit like Balmoral, lots of clear waveless water and white sands with a picturesque Bayfront promenade.

Again we have a cobblestoned old city with the most charming and many Pintxo bars where you indulge in bite sized delectable interesting mouthfuls, very similar to tapas in the south of Spain.

Our Cabillero (him with the swinging pony tail) was in his element and gave us a detailed and most informative orientation walk around the town.

Myself and our delightful Greek Goddess (her in her little black dress, me in my best jeans) went on a pintxo tour where we dined on the most delicious gourmet pintxos paired with the local wines. A great night out, a late one so will cut this short as I need to get back down to the beach and as so much to see in this delightful town with perfect beach weather.

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