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Today we start our epic journey home. Whilst we’ve enjoyed our time in Italy and Sicily and feel we’ve become accustomed to their manic lifestyle, we miss home and our fur babies.

The first leg of our home bound trek will consist of two trains and two planes.. hmm reminiscent of the start of our journey when leaving home!!

We’ll be taking the regional train from Taormina to Messina, switching at Messina (hopefully with more time for Karen to tackle the stairs with her luggage) then Messina to Palermo. The next bit will be interesting as we need to find a bus to take us to the airport. Once we’re at the airport I think our nerves will have calmed as we’ll have time to relax between flights to Rome then Rome to Abu Dhabi.

In recent days we’ve developed a liking for bruschetta (pronounced bru-scet-ta) and have been sampling many from different restaurants. Not all taste the same.. at first we thought it’s to do with the quality of the oil, then we thought it must be tomatoes, then it was bread, then it was herbs... to sum up, a good bruschetta requires good quality tasting bread, tomatoes, onions, herbs and oil!

It’s currently raining (Taormina is sad to see us leave) and temp is quite cool, much cooler than we’ve endured during our travels but we’ve check the weather for Abu Dhabi.... 30+ heat even at night... and we’re expected to cover up!! I can see we’ll be spending most of our time in our hotel room until they check us out... or maybe the shopping mall? But we need to see this as being part of the adventure. It’s not always the best part but an adventure nonetheless.

Arrivederci Sicily, it’s been interesting and we look forward to returning some day (we know we’ll be returning to Rome as we’ve thrown a coin in Trevi Fountain 𯘆)

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