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Bordeaux second time around was just as good as my first time. I loved the city, enjoyed the vibes, many churches, river walks and beautiful buildings.

On my last morning I came across a sports centre beside the river where there was an outdoor library on sporting books. I found a French children’s book on rugby which was hilarious, I was enjoying myself so much that the organisers insisted I get comfortable in one of their hammocks and really have a good read.

Funny thing is, I haven’t really experienced the quirky French sense of humour I enjoy so much when watching a French movie until I started reading the French cartoon books. The French people have all been rather dour and not terribly friendly or polite.

Yesterday was a long travel day, 3 trains and a bus, however through beautiful countryside and then the last part was spectacular on the bus up into the mountains to this lovely little ski town of Luchon.

Fortunately I have been carrying around an Asterix book in French which keeps me amused on the train and hopefully is improving my French which will also improve my relationship with the locals. I love Asterix anyway, but in French it seems so much funnier.

And when I get bored with trying to decipher Asterix, we have Donald Trumps first cousin, Michelle to keep us amused. By the time it got to 4 pm and we were all feeling a little fatigued, Michelle produced a bottle of the best French Rose you can buy including a mountain of food for us all to share. The wine gave us the boost we needed to contemplate our final leg of the journey (the worst part with luggage etc, however all part of the travel story).

I was petrified she might decide that our little wine break was a real party and she would bring out her explosives (sparklers) and blow the train up, or worse get us all arrested. (But I don’t think even Donald would go that far - she still hasn’t admitted that she’s related to him).

However, I digress, we arrived about 9 pm in this beautiful tiny town, our Panoramic hotel overlooks the mountains and we all have rooms with little balconies (ugh every time I think of a balcony I cringe) and splendid views of the church and mountains.

After a very late dinner and walk to check out the spa baths for the next day, it was after midnight by the time we got to bed, hence the lack of a ‘Dear Travel Journal’ entry.

Today we are all ready and waiting to embark upon our big hiking day, however sadly the weather has let us down and we are just waiting to see if it will clear enough to at least get up into the mountains.

Mike Ellis, I do remember you talking about Luchon when you did the Tour de France, I know it is one of the stopovers and is quite evident from all the cycle shops and flags. I would love to be here when it is happening.

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