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Who Can We Call ? Phone in our Room

Good Morning Mt Etna

All That Glitters Is Gold - Church in Monreale

Scene From Our Bus

The Internet in Italy works to its own time. It will upload...when it uploads. Give or take a few minutes 𯘀

Therefore the photos are not in chronological order.

The phone is in our current hotel in Taormina. Actually works.

The mini prickly pear garden is from the markets in Palermo. The markets are in the same alley as when they originated - centuries ago. Thankfully the food is fresh daily. Seafood stalls were throughout the alley which their smells overwhelmed the fresh fruit and veg.

The church from Monreale was magnificent. The scene is of Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel. The man who designed and commissioned the church to be built only enjoyed it for 1 year. Ill health prevailed and he died but is entombed in the church.

Scene from a bus is of our last full day of driving on the Boot & Ball Tour.

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