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What a magnificent day, truely magical, a soul soothing experience paddling down The Dordogne in the Perigord area. It is the most beautiful stretch of river, we paddled from Vitrac to the beautiful Beynac village, stopping at a couple of tiny historical villages along the way. There were chateaux en route, castles way up in the hills, picturesque villages built into the side of the hill with sandstone buildings glittering in the intermittent rays of sunshine.

We paddled past ducks, swans, many birds and fish jumping. It was quiet and peaceful, the threatened rain didn’t arrive until the evening so we enjoyed a pleasant cloudy day with just enough sunshine in between. We paddled, drifted and glided down the river (just our sort of kayaking Wendy, we were picked at the end so didn’t have to paddle all the way back against the current) amongst the trees hanging over the river, and just to liven it up a bit, every so often we would strike a set of fun rapids, atmosphere overload.

We finally arrived at Beynac where I proceeded to climb up to the imposing Chateau de Beynac for excellent views over the gorgeous Dordogne valley and river.

I chose to do it my way and took a kayak instead of a shared canoe with the rest of the Intrepid group and so was able to take off on my own between villages, just enjoying the peaceful experience and my love of kayaking. I am sure I shall feel my shoulders tomorrow after such a big effort, but 100 % worth it.

Water is my happy medium, I always said I would come back as a mermaid in my second life, however after time spent in France indulging in foi gras, cheese, pastries etc, I think I may well return as a whale instead, but whatever, today was the highlight of my trip so far.

I would love to come back to Sarlat for a couple of months and use it as a base to see the surrounding area. It is such a fascinating and attractive town not to mention the fact that it is the gastronomic centre of this region.

Sarlat specialises in wine, foie gras, truffles, duck and goose.

This afternoon I wandered into a foie gras shop and the owner was obviously bored, so we got chatting, him in that foreign but beautiful sounding language and me in my Aussie slang.

He explained the difference between goose and duck foie gras making me taste both during the explanation and then started opening various bottles of wine for me so I could learn which wines were matched with which foie gras. A wonderful experience, at the end of the lesson I can’t say I was any the wiser as we couldn’t really understand each other, but when I eventually left without making a single purchase, he told me what a good visitor I was ha ha

Tonight I experienced a Michelin restaurant for the first time. It really was a treat and excellent value as all French restaurants offer a 3 course meal deal. It was a stunningly beautiful restaurant, staff were a bit snotty as usual (might have had something to do with my travel pants, sneakers and travel Mac) and our meal of (yep you guessed it) foie gras followed by beef fillet (cooked to perfection) with vegetables (as only the French can prepare) and a truffle sauce, finally the best creme brûlée (as only Ann Vindin can better) for dessert. A lovely evening shared with 3 of our Intrepid group.

Well, back to Bordeaux on an early morning train tomorrow.

Have loved my time in Sarlat, the town, the atmosphere and oh wow the little paddle down the river.

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