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Waiting to do the Vatican tour

St Peter's

Vatican Museum

More Vatican museum

And more Vatican museum

Phew, that was a long tour

The hotel isn't in the greatest location however provided you are happy to catch the shuttle and train, bus and train or Uber to and from the train station, it's not bad for the price. Certainly not the 4 star hotel it's supposed to be and it looks as though it's used by lots of tour groups. We've been enjoying the buffet breakfast though. Lots of delicious, crunchy bacon (looks more like prosciutto), eggs, fruit, pastries, ham, continental meats and cheese. Riley was consistent with bacon, scrambled eggs and ham.

We caught the 9:30 shuttle as even though we did not need to meet for the Vatican tour until 2:10, we need to find an Apple Store to sort out Riley's phone. It was still locked to Telstra so Mel sorted what she could from her end and then we had to go to an Apple Store to complete the process.

Before we set out for the Apple Store, we looked at a few souvenir shops and Sarah bought a couple of things. Riley and I grabbed a bit of lunch (Sarah wasn't hungry)....pizza slice for Riley and a tomato and mozzarella panini for me.

The store closest to a Metro station was on Line A so another adventure for us, as we've been using Line B only. The kids are handling the public transport really well and soon had us on the right line. We soon found the Apple Store and, much to Riley's joy, sorted his phone so he now has data so he can send messages or call home if we are away from wifi.

Even though we were a bit early, we decided to find the meeting point for the Vatican tour. Out with Google Maps and off we went arriving in plenty of time for the tour. Once again, the attraction was very busy. I'd hate to be here in high season as the number of people is overwhelming. Our tour guide Sara had to exchange her voucher for our tickets at the ticket office and had to take Sarah and Riley with her to prove they were under 18. Before we left the hotel this morning, I checked the dress code for the Vatican to see shoulders and knees must be covered and the dress code is very strict. We dressed accordingly (Riley pulled his shorts down so they cried his knees) however there were people there in short shorts, spaghetti strap tops, mini skirts and so on. Very annoying when places don't follow through.

We spent the next 3 hours touring the Vacitcan Museums, Sistine Chaep, various Papal apartments and St Peters Bascilica. Our guide Sara was very knowledgeable and spoke good English and the kids held up well. We were very happy to get to the end of the tour to put our feet up for a while before starting the journey home.

Off to the Metro to start the journey home. We changed lines at Termini and hopped on the first train that came along on our line. Tibertina, our station, is 4 stops from Termini so we jumped off at the 4th stop and found we were at the wrong station. Oops, we didn't notice the terminus showing on the sign was different when we jumped on the train...the line splits 1 station before Tiburtina and we hadn't noticed when we boarded. We came above ground and didn't recognise anything. And it was raining. I called an Uber and we had another trip home going a very odd route. The driver took us to the hospital but Sarah sorted him out and pointed him in the right direction.

Even though we were exhausted, after a short rest, Riley and I went down to dinner. Sarah still wasn't hungry so stayed in the room. We thought we might do our packing before we hit the bed, however, were all too tired so I set the alarm for 7:00am. Lights out.

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