Judy, Sarah and Riley's Italy trip 2018 travel blog

At last it's time to set out on our long awaited holiday...Nana, Sarah and Riley.

After having dinner at the club with the family, we left for the airport. Check-in was a bit of a long wait and then it was time for kisses, cuddles and goodbyes before we left for the departure lounge. I think there might have been a few parent tears.

We had a good flight to Doha although it was very long. It was a very full plane so no spare seats. About an hour out of Doha, Riley told me he was feeling sick. Before I could get into a sick bag (they have perforations on top you need tear off however I didn't know that), he was throwing up. Not sure if it was plane food, not enough water or something else. I cleaned him up as best I could and we were very happy when we arrived in Doha.

I'd booked the Doha City Tour for us which was leaving at 8:00am. I asked one of the airport officials whether we needed to go to the transit area or arrivals area and was told arrivals. I then checked with the immigration guy who said for us to go through and sort it out the other side. We tried to do that and were told we were supposed to be in the transit area and our one day visa only allowed us to exit and enter once so we could go to the transit area and then come back out again. One official was very helpful and contacted the tour desk who asked that we sit near the area by which the tour left and they would collect us pin their way out. In the meantime, we had something to eat to kill some time.

We did the city tour however it was so hot, we didn't spend much time outside the bus. It's interesting to see what they are doing in Doha however I can't imagine how people can want to live there. I think 12% of the residents of Doha are locals, the rest are expats and labourers. I can't imagine doing outside work in a place like that.

We were happy to get back to the airport and sit in the cool until it was time to board our next flight.

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