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Lake Tahoe from Miscellaneous Trail

Redwood Tree at Sugar Pine Point State Park

Lake Tahoe from Sugar Pine Point State Park

Took I-580 out of Reno which became US 50 south of Carson City. US 50 initially travels south, then due west to Lake Tahoe. Was kind of winging it because I couldn’t find a lot of details online for things to do. There was a paddlewheel boat sightseeing cruise out of Zephyr Cove but it was $64 and 2.5 hours long. I wasn’t sure I want to commit that much time or money to the process. But stop briefly at the dock and took a couple of pictures. Then continued south to South Lake Tahoe. This area was very commercialized and everything was packed. Wanted breakfast but the IHOP had a 20 minute wait, the McDonald’s lobby was being remodeled so they only had walk up service, and the Denny’s was full. Was becoming frustrated and thought I might just head on to San Francisco and skip this. Then I saw another McDonalds and the 4th time was a charm. The McDonald’s was right where CA 89 comes into US 50 so since I was feeling better after breakfast, decided to head up 89 and see if I could find a place to hike along the lake. Stopped at a visitor’s center to get some ideas for hikes. Ranger recommended a couple but especially Emerald Bay although he said parking can be a real problem. Well there was no parking to be had anywhere close to the trailhead at Emerald Bay. Stopped at a place that had an unofficial trail. Hike to a cliff above the lake and was going to do some other hiking along the cliff but become concerned that it would be easy to get lost. So back to the car and continued north to Sugar Pine Point State Park where I finally found what I was looking. There was a day use area that had some trails in the woods plus a paved path along the lake w/ interpretive signs. Spent an hour and a half there before heading out around 2. Original plan was to take US 50 to Sacramento but now I was too far north for that to make sense so I just took 89 the rest of the way to I-80. One note of interest is not long after I got on 80 West I hit Donner Summit where there was a sign that read “Downhill Grade Next 40 Miles”. Now that’s a long way down and beats the 10 mile grade I talked about in Salt Lake City by a long shot. Arrived at my Courtyard in Richmond CA at 5:45.

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