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Sidewalks in Virginia City

Was downtown by 9. Wanted to stop at the visitor’s center which only opened at 10. Walked over to Lake Street where the old Reno Arch is located, then up to Virginia St and Commercial Row where the new Reno Arch is located. Virginia Street from 2nd to 6th is basically all casinos. There are also casinos spread out in some other sections of town. I also check out City Plaza along the Truckee River. Perused the racks at visitor’s center and just wasn’t seeing much of anything of interest. Since I don’t gamble and don’t drink not much to do in this town. Talked to the staff and they recommended a trip to Virginia City about 40 minutes southeast of Reno. I decided to do that but before heading out took a walk along their Riverwalk. Nothing of great note but pleasant enough walk.

Virginia City is all about the tourists. Primarily a ½ mile stretch of shops, saloons, and restaurants. Took a tour in a tram pulled by a tractor. Only 20 minutes or so but also was only 5 bucks and did add some info about the town I wouldn’t have gotten on my own. One interesting story is there were two miners who were bitter enemies. When one found out the other was building a house, the first purchased the lot right beside it and built a house right next to his foe’s claiming his enemy was not going to see the light of day or feel the cool summer breezes. Had lunch at the Firehouse Barbecue at the south end of C Street, the main drag. Had walked the length of C Street so crossed over and headed the other way.

Was back near my hotel by about 3:30. Stopped for gas. I saw they had a vacuum and car wash which I had been thinking about doing, so vacuumed out the van and then took the bike off and tried to go through the car wash but it stopped after spraying the soap. The clerk spent 45 minutes, he had to run into the store then come back out multiple times, trying to get it work. Finally, I just asked for a refund and moved on. After thinking about it I recalled a bump which I suspect was the wash mechanism hitting my bike rack because I hadn’t put the horizontal piece down. So I found a manual self service wash which works better because I don’t have to take my bike off. Got back to the hotel at 5.

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