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Friday 7 September

Mid morning headed off and anchored in a lovely bay by Vinisce.

Saturday 8 September

Undertook a short passage to Trogir and anchored near the old town. Went into Trogir which is a very nice medieval town with loads of wonderful architecture – a blend of Baroque, Renaissance and Venetian.

In the afternoon we and a whole procession of charter boats left Trogir, with many heading in the same direction as us, towards the Blue Lagoon. By the end of the evening there were 40+ boats in this anchorage.

Sunday 9 September

After an enjoyable morning snorkel we headed off for Otok Hvar. We got another lovely sail in but not without a couple of near misses. The first was with a charter boat which was heading straight for us – it couldn’t decide whether to pass in front of us or go behind. In the end he went behind (as he should have done by rules) and missed us by 5 -10 metres. The second was a private yacht – which was heading straight for us and wanted to pass in front of us. We missed that boat by about 5 metres – it was real close – Gen had to at the last minute turn our boat hard to starboard to avoid the collision. Needless to say nerves are currently frayed.

Anchored in one of the bays on the Pakleti islands and took a line to shore.

Monday 10 September

Moved 2 miles and anchored closer to Hvar. Again needed to take lines ashore.

Tuesday 11 September

Took the dinghy 1 mile to Hvar and what a wonderful place this is – so atmospheric and architecturally diverse – Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance – had a lovely wander around the side streets.

We extended our boating tax for another 8 days which is good, so at least that is out of the way.

On the way back in the dinghy it was quite splashy so not the most pleasant of rides back but anyways that is what to be expected.

Sitting on board we watched a bushfire rage and sea firefighters fly by and scoop up water and disperse on the fire. It was a wonderful site – the three planes extinguished the fire within half an hour. All credit to them (and thankfully we weren’t crossing that channel in our dinghy when they were doing it).

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