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Our overall travel map for today

The seas are flat, and the sun is out.... great start

The is Italy stretched out infront of us... with such a long...

We are happily flat... and going about 7mph with sails

“Flipper, I heeeerrrreeeeee”


Travel map

Going forward Southward on smooth seas

Sailing our way down the Eastcoast of Italy

The next piece of land point to the corner we have to...


Another dolphin

Jacques looking for his favorite Italian chart

Lunch is served table side

The weather is doing a slight change as darkness falls

Reggio Calabria

Our location map

Preparing Milena for docking

Adjusting Milena next to the horrid cement pier

Jacques talking to his friend — in shouting voices

A freighter exiting behind us

Dinner at 11:00p.m.

Roast lamb dinner magnificent

After dinner drink or in this case... knock out drops

With the very first shreds of light, Milena’s engine came alive, and her crew was perched in place, as we began another day in our voyage back to France. Amazingly for us, the seas were once again, mildly inviting as we watched the coastline that we fought so hard to find yesterday, disappear off the West side of Milena. (pic)

Me? I stayed in bed til 7:30a, so when I was totally up for the day, the sun was out, with mild breezes blowing in my face. When you, or me, as passenger, makes a crossing like this, there is really nothing crew wise that Jacques, Marina or Christian will let me do. My knee seems to be holding its tingling own, as I took my book, and placed myself topside table. (pic)



“Robin, Robin, look.......!” Jacques was calling to me, and pointing off the starboard side of Milena.

“Dolphin.... Dolphin.... look!” Jacques repeated.

Grabbing my camera.

“Flipper..” I cried out with glee. “Flipper!”

Then I saw 2 dolphins running along the side of the boat. (pic)


What a rush that was. Dolphins are good luck to sailors, so this is just what we needed to see, to help bring us smooth sailing waters., According to the new ‘LAMA.ret.Toscanna’ sight we learned from Christian—- Jacques, Marina and I found this one much more reliable, and easier to understand than our:

The website is all in Italian or french, but easy to use because of the pull down categories, and the colors. According to LAMA all is good.

Now that we are in Italy, it was time for Jacques to dig out his old Italian charts. Frustrated because as he was sitting in the salon, he was throwing charts every which way, not finding just the one he wanted (pic)

Lunch time was upon us, before we knew it, and Marina had not only concocted a tomato and pig weed salad, but was serving it table side. (pic)

We had a gloriously funny lunch. Because pigweed is light and leafy, it was blowing everywhere. Watch the leafy green pig weed not only fly all over the deck, but also seemed to fall and out of our mouths as we were so quickly trying to catch it and eat it.

The latter part of the afternoon, the wind picked up, and stirred the sea into mild white caps....but nothing to be concerned about. We were now just rounding the tip of the shoe of Italy, and headed North toward the Straits of Messina. (pic)

The wind was increasing, and flashes of lightening we ahead, so we ducked into Reggio Calabria harbor for the night. (pic)





Jacques was just putting a beautiful lamb roast into the oven, and we opened a bottle of prosecco to celebrate yet another successful day, and 100 miles closer to Vieux Port,Cannes France. (pic)


After clearing to table, and ridding ourselves of half the dinner dishes.... Marina and I shared a quick coffee and Grand Marnier, before catching a few hours of sleep. (pic)

On the sea tomorrow at 5:00a.m. — it is now tomorrow 1:00a.m. — so at best we have a little under 4 hours of sleep before we “sea it” again!

Bon Nuit.....

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