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Yesterday was a sad day as we remembered the horror of 9/11 seventeen years ago. I remember exactly where I was when the news of the attack was released. I was getting ready for work when my co-worker called me and asked if I had the TV on. I immediately turned on the Today show and watched for hours. I called my boss and told him I just couldn't leave the house. My mind just couldn't believe what I was seeing. And for days afterwards I was glued to the news on every channel.

Today started out as a sad day also. We received word that my daughter's Aunt Betty that we visited a couple of weeks ago had passed away. She was out mowing her lawn 3 weeks ago and now she is gone.

We also attended a funeral this morning for Tommy and Lila's Aunt Wanda. It was sprinkling rain and cloudy and dreary and hard to get through. She attended our church and a lot of our congregation was there for the funeral. She was a sweet lady.

The happy part of the day was that we got to see Lila and Louis who we dearly love and haven't seen nearly enough the last few years. I told them we would be sure to see them while we are in Branson next week, and I intend to make sure that happens.

As a result of all this sadness I've been very weepy today. Just watching TV has brought on the tears. But tomorrow is another day and hopefully a sunny one. However I do love the cooler temps.

Until next time.....God Bless you all.....

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