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No... nothing out here but sea

Nothing else to do except chit-chat with Marina

Ok — a cola and book break

Luncheon is served

The heat from the sun is gruelling and us with no shade

Ah— the power of the sun is now lessening

The ending of our second day at sea

What a beautiful sunset

Not possible for the green flash

Our day of traveling map

Marina trying to get the placemats out for dinner, with Nelson’s help

Nelson: “Isn’t it my turn for dinner?”

Nelson sitting next to Jacques impatiently waiting

Nelson sees all the food, and can’t get to it.

We are beginning our 2nd day of crossing. The is really nothing out here to take pictures of but water. (pic)

. Hmmmmm. Now is the time to maybe chart with a friend (pic)


Unlike yesterday afternoon, evening and night, the sea is now gently rolling, NO WIND, and huge rollers.... what I teasingly call: “lullaby rollers”, the large formations of waves that gently rock you to sleep. Or.... time to take out a good book, and just relax in the almost too hot sunshine...... and us with no shade. (pic)

. As Milena is ambling along, rocking to and fro over very large rollers, Marina is below deck, trying to create a masterpiece sandwich lunch for us. Owing to the size of the waves, at this point, and the pitching of the boat, I thought it would be much smarter for me to stay and enjoy my lunch in the dog house. (pic)


The heat of the day continues, and the lack of any kind of breeze, makes me feel as if I am in the desert. (pic)

. I tried to sit in the cockpit and enjoy, but the heat drove me below deck, and reading my book in the salon. (pic)

. Yeah... the cool down has begun. (pic)




Our day of travel was very long...... (pic)


Finally after 16 hours at sea, we stopped for 6 hours (sleep) at Capo di Rizzuto.

Jacques was fixing us carbonara, and Marina was trying to set the table. Unfortunately Nelson was truly bothering her to feed him first — this argument he lost. (pic)




Our carbonara and local Greek red wine was scrumptious. All of us were so hungry, and it is almost midnight.

Wake up call in the morning is 5:00a.m. Not much rest for this tireless crew.

Oh...FYI, we changed time zones once we got to Italy. I am now Seattle time + 9 hours.

Bon Nuit

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