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Making friends with a local

Lake Louise with fresh snow on the mountains beyond

Lake Louise and reflections

Kicking Horse natural Bridge

Limestone slabs

Me enhancing the view

The river doing its erosion work

Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake

Pensive me

Another view

Autumn arriving

Home at last and practice time

Home at last and practice time after hotel respite

After a good night in our bungalow accommodation, we left to walk to Lake Louise just about a mile away. There were lots of tourists, many of whom stayed at the arrival point but we set off to walk up the side of the lake as far as the footpath went before it went up on a more strenuous hike. The weather was much better giving wonderful reflections on the turquoise water.

After a coffee in the posh chateau hotel, which started as a simple chalet and is now an expensive and very large hotel, we went a few miles further on to the Kicking Horse River Valley where a natural bridge has been created by the erosion of the limestone rock created by a combination of water and abrasive sand and gravel. The water here looked opalescent with a fast flowing current.

By the time we reached our next destination we had been able to shed a few layers as the sun was out.

Emerald Lake, another glacial lake, is the same turquoise colour as lake Louise but, for me, the setting was better with a path the whole way round of about El 5kms. It was initially a bit muddy underfoot with forest and berries and gets little direct sun so the vegetation is different to the opposite sunny side. The colour of the water is from the sandy silt which blocks light penetration, reflecting it back to the surface. Because of the lack of light under water there are few types of fish in the icy water. The gravel, rocks and debris left behind by the glacier will eventually dam the lake and fill it in so, not in our lifetime, the lake will disappear. We were so lucky to have had lunch before the walk we missed the rain and the sun shone on us for the whole way.

From here we drove to near Golden to comfortable accommodation and we ended another great day with a good dinner and wine.

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