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Salesperson at Las Hamacas

I Chose the Blue One

We located La Casa de Las Hamacas today and bought two hammocks. Choosing a color was the hardest part. Yucatan hammocks are known for their strength and bright colors. These are the real deal, not the ones sold to tourists at inflated prices. Descendants of Mayans who live in the Yucaatan sleep in hammocks with no beds to be found in their homes.

From Everything Playa del Carmen:

Hammocks are the essence of life between two palm trees swaying the in the breeze with a cool drink but they are also part of life in the Yucatan for those who live here. They have been used for centuries and are the perfect way to live in this climate.

La Casa de Las Hamacas

Avenida 30 between 52 and 53 Street

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