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9 Sept

Woke up before Joy and went out to watch part of the sunrise, take photos and walk around the deck. Had a little breakfast and back out to watch the islands go by and the approach to Helsinki. Found Joy at some point up on the deck.

We watched as we landed and they threw the ropes to the dock; that was our signal to go to the room and get our stuff. Met the road scholar group as we left the ferry and then it was on to a bus.

We had a bus tour of the city and stopped at a large square (was that parliament?). walked down to the water and the little marked with joy. We had about 15 minutes to walk and take photos before getting back on the bus.

Went to the hotel (Sokus Presidenti) and dropped off our hand luggage in a room. Our regular luggage was also there and put into the same room. We cannot check in until later today.

We walked across the plaza (out door) and saw the brown-orange oval church (kirk). There is a cache there that Joy and I will come back to.

Went to a restraurant for lunch (was it the virgin oil restraurant) and then to an art museum. Joy and I left a little early (bored and also her back was hurting) and went to get a couple of caches on the way back to the hotel. Got our luggage and met the group as they came back to the lobby.

Out room was 766 and it was nice. Once again completed the routine of getting our items “charging”. I needed to down load photos…..I had been down loading them every night but tonight the process was very slow! As a matter of fact it took all evening/night and the next day to get the photos down loaded from my phone to the computer (after that was over, I deleted all of the photos from my camera and it’s much quicker again).

Did some jumble puzzles (I brought a book of them and actually finished it on the trip). Also looked at the caches we wanted to get in Helsinki.

We went out for supper at ……. (can’t remember the name; but it was a very slow service). Had mushroom soup, some salad and meatballs (?) and then some tiramisu (I skipped it). Joy and I left as soon as we could and went to get the church cache on the way home (we could not find it in the afternoon when we went to the church).

We have a “drummer” in our bathroom; sounds like someone beating a drum…..when it’s actually the fan. Once you close the bathroom door, you can barely hear it. The desk said they would be glad to move us to another room, but that is too much of a challenge and we decided to just stay in the room “with the drummer”!

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