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Nelson is ready for the crossing

1. Preparing the board the dinghy on Milena

2. board the dinghy on Milena

3. board the dinghy on Milena

4. board the dinghy on Milena

5. board the dinghy on Milena

6. board the dinghy on Milena

7. board the dinghy on Milena

8. board the dinghy on Milena

9. board the dinghy on Milena

10. board the dinghy on Milena

11. board the dinghy on Milena

Leaving Gouvia P-19

Stopping at the gas dock

Getting the gas

Filing the gas tank on Milena

Good bye Gogetel Hotel

Goodbye Gogetel villas

Lunch: Marina’s “gyros”

Lunch: on the move — the perfect sandwich

CROSSING: the beginning

CROSSING: the top of Corfu

Huddled in the dog house

Bad weather, and lots of water spraying over the deck

Line on the Milena broke

New line attached, and raising the Mizen again

7 hours later we arrived at Othonoi island

Finally out of the wind

Our position kn the map

Wether on line map, our location and the direction of 20-25 MPH...

Beaufort scale: today’s crossing was Beaufort 6

Chateau St. Margarette rose with dinner

Fish for them

Steak and mushroom sauce for me

A banana split for dessert

Good Morning — well this is going to be a long day. Our very first day of crossing. Readying Milena took Jacques, Marina and Christian all morning. While each of them were working .... Nelson.... he was hanging.... (pic)

The first thing that had to be done, was cleaning, hoisting and storing of the dinghy on Milena . I think the pictures I have taken will show you just what an ordeal this is. (pic)











It is not 11:30a.m., and Milena is pulling away from slip: P-19 at Gouvia Marina (pic)

We do have to make one last strop, before saying goodbye to Corfu, til next year. It is definitely time to fill up Millie’s gas tanks for the 800 mile crossing to Cannes. (pic)



Drink hardy Millie.

We pulled away from the gas dock at 12:00p.m., and began a long days journeys into nights.

Smoothly and gracefully we passed the Gogetel, and its villas, and turned North. (pic)


The only way I can give you an idea of this 800 mile crossings, is to enclose the area maps where we are at any given time. (pic)

cruising North along the East side of Corfu was charming and just perfectly beautiful. Marina had made us her version of “gyros” for lunch. One thing which I think is really cool about crossings is all lunches are usually some kind of sandwich, always served in the cockpit. (pic)



OMG!!! The wind and sea took a drastic change for the worst, the moment we crossed over the top of Corfu.The We were now battling a Beaufort 6!! We were thrashing and slopping around for the next 4 hours. Waves were flying over the top of the deck, and the salt spray was constantly in our faces. Then.... the halyard line that holds up the mizen sail broke, and the sail was floating downward and flying free.

Jacques was on it, made the new line, and re-hoisted the sail. (pic)




At 9:00p.m., we arrived at our overnight anchor on Othonoi island, Greece. (pic)


We dropped the anchor, and let the howling 25MPH wind do its thing. Meanwhile we went below, and opened a bottle of Frisante

These are 3 different charts, eachon just a little different information will tell you in black and white about the embryonic beginning. (pic)



Jacques prepared a wonderful fish dinner for he, Marina and Christian. Me? I had an outrageously good steak with mushroom sauce. (pic)



And all of us slurpy down a wonderful Ste. Margarette Rose (pic)

All of us were just eghausted. Going to bed, with the howling wind rocking the boat made each of us feel and know that we were being rocked to sleep.

5:00a.m. Wake up tomorrow, so we all said goodnight and were howled to sleep by the wind.

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