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Starting my day in the air conditioning “fog” of my refrigerator

Denise and Dennus last breakfast table set

Denise with her book, waiting for breakfast

Me, with my always ipad blog

Jacques clearing out the storage lockers, and retaining his/Marina’s wardrobes to return...

OMG! We have to move this boat from P-29 to P-19

Gouvia Marina crew assistance

Moving toward our new slip

Marina masterfully maneuvering us into the end position on P dock..... slip...

Sailing yacht originally belonging to Sherwood, the one time owner of the...

Nelson concerned about leaving and being forgotten

Nelson on the little suitcases, waiting to be packed

How about Nelson camping on the the big suitcases..... trying everything not...

Denise and Dennus leaving, with their luggage in the dinghy

Denise, adjusting herself, and the dinghy, for departure

Good - byyyyyyeeeeeeeeee — :-(. :-(. :-(

Our final sunset in Gouvia Marina, Corfu

Mousaka appetizer

Steak with grilled mushrooms

After dinner drinks and coffee

Boy, I must admit, seeing “frost or fog” on my refrigerator mirror startled me. (pic)

Moving topside, I see that Marina has set such a nice table for Denise and Dennus’ lastbreakfast on the boat. (pic)



Denise, Dennus and I, along with Marina were all set to go to Old Town at 9:30a.m. ...... But where is Jacques??

He and the dinghy are gone! Oh no.... I am thinking, when will he be back. (pic)


Oh, that is where he was. I take full blame for not reminding him that we wanted to go to Old Town. By the time he returned, it was well after 11:30a.m., and too late to go, shop, explore, eat and be back here by 3:30p.m. Denise and Dennus wanted to go to the airport at 4:00p. For their 6:55p. flight to London. With that said, we re-arranged yet another day. Denise and Dennus were going to walk to the little village-town of Gouvia to shop/explore. It was then decided that I would meet up with them at the pool restaurant, where we were yesterday, for lunch. Denise could then swim, eat, drink and shower before it was time to leave for the airport.

I thought Dennus would swim as well, but as it turns out, he was not interested in swimming in the pool any more than I was. The three of us shared a pizza and Greek salad and drinks, before Denise and Dennus excused themselves to luxuriate in a shore shower, where they have unlimited time and water.

Walking back to Milena for the last time from the shore of Gouvia Marina felt unbearable hot. It was wonderful to get back on the boat, and bathe in air conditioning for the latter part of the afternoon.

Dennus was below deck, napping, while Denise and I played one final game of ‘roll out’. Dennus must have heard the roll of the dice, and joined us for what ended up being our last game together.

As 3:45p. approached, Jacques returned in the dinghy, as Denise and Dennus were wrestling with their luggage up the staircase in/out of the doghouse, and up to the port side of Milena, where the dinghy was tied. Once loading the bags, it was time for Dennus and Denise to get into the dinghy and go the car, where Jacques would take them to the airport. (pic)



:-( :-( :-(

Jacques and Marina have been going on overload, preparing for our departure tomorrow for the crossings from Greece, and Italy, and ending up in France. They are also doing conclusion laundry of a charter, while simulataneously preparing for our new crew member to arrive . The Milena looks its normal inside out and backwards before she makes any kind of crossing. Me? I was just trying to stay out of the way. I did manage to capture a great and last sunset over Gouvia marina. (pic)

Our dinner for 3 (golly, what a small group) did not materialize til almost 10:00p.m, when this busy duo could stop for a breath of air, and something to eat. (pic)


Jacques makes the finest fresh mushroom sauce. He can make the least expensive mushroom taste like one million dollars! Yummmmm.... My mouth is water as I am just thinking about the very wonderful delicacy!

After dinner Marina and I shared a coffee and after dinner drinks, while Jacques went to the airport to pick up Cristian.

As I said my goodnights to Marina, she was madly cleaning up the crew quarters before Christian’s arrival.’

Bon Nuit.......

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