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Our charcoal masterpiece

Dabbling in pastels

Pen and wash by Debra

Sketching in Picoraco by Debra

Our stay at Gorgiano Studios is coming to an end. It has been an enjoyable, sometimes challenging few days. We’ve learnt a few techniques, learnt our strengths and weaknesses (delicious Italian food being one).

Speaking of which, we’ve been spoiled with 2 course meals for both lunch and dinner every day. All cooked by our art teacher, Caroline’s partner Andre. He’s a whizz in the kitchen.

Today we ventured to the town Camerino, this is the town almost destroyed by earthquakes in October 2016. The park is still in tact, which is where we were but the actual town is bordered off and guarded by military so nobody can enter. The first building we’re confronted with has the entire side missing. The clock tower in the building opposite had come down on top of the building exposing the rooms inside. Amazing everyone survived.

Overall our time here has been rewarding, very relaxing and a wonderful experience.

Both Caroline and her partner, Andre, are funny wonderful and very creative. Caroline is an amazing artist and teacher. Andre is a sensational chef.

We could not have asked for more with our introduction to Italy.

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