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Wednesday 25th July 2018

Sydney to Mauritius

Up early this morning at our hotel near the airport. Met Tanya and Geoff out the front of the hotel and walked to the Domestic Terminal for our first flight, due to depart for Perth at 7:15am. Flew across the country on a fairly empty Virgin flight, and strangely, Lynn was seated at the rear of the plane in a window seat and Tanya, Geoff and David were further forward in the centre but with an empty seat - for Lynn.... David eventually joined Lynn at the back of the plane. Two ladies sat in front of Lynn and she heard them say ‘Madagascar ‘ so asked them if they were travelling there. It turned out they were on our trip. (Surprisingly they are our only companions, only 6 of us on the trip) Arrived in Perth about 10:50am and then left again for Mauritius a bit after 1pm. This was a busier flight and took about 9 hours. We arrived late in the day and the ladies that we met on the flight who were to become our travel companions, Cathy and Margaret, were unable to access their luggage as it had been checked through to Madagascar (ours was ok but a bit delayed off the carousel). We then were transported to the hotel, right near the airport for an overnight stay till we were flying to Antananarivo just after lunch time tomorrow. Very nice hotel and as dinner was included we ate before going to bed. Were very tired so slept well.

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