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On the way to Lake Louise

Lake Louise

Lake Louise




Pretty Banff

We got up super early, -1C, and drove nearly an hour, through amazing scenery at sunrise to Lake Louise. We arrived at 7.20am, got a parking spot in the nearly empty carpark.

We were blown away by the beauty of the view, and it's reflection in the glass smooth water. Not many visitors yet, so very tranquil, we were able to soak in the majestic mountains, the glacier mineral green of Lake Louise, its magnificence in the reflection and of course the Fairmont Hotel.

We walked along the lake, so peaceful and took many amazing photographs! We got to the end of the walk, but did not start any climbing or trails into the forest. Lots of wildlife poop on the trail, feeling a little uncomfortable. On our return we passed quite a few people with bells on to scare away the bears, that's what we forgot! At 8.15 our peace was interrupted by a helicopter, blaaaah, but then peace again. Lots more people now coming along the trail.

Back at Fairmont Hotel, quite a lot of people, noisy and not the same experience. Well worth the early wake up!

We had a lovely breakfast at Fairmont Hotel Deli.

Left this area by 10ish, onto Lake Louise Ski Lift area to ride the gondola. What more could we see that matched the beauty of what we had already experienced?

I am very nervous of gondolas and some heights, this was no exception, but the views from here were amazing. As far as you can see from facing the left to as far as you can see facing the right, are mountains, some with snow, some with glaciers, some bare. Such an expanse of mountains! Breathtaking.

We went on a chairlift going down, my heart was beating very fast! Then I relaxed, and loved it, less movement than in a gondola, views particularly of Lake Louise were stunning!

Drove to Banff and had a look around, quaint little town.

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