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Castle of Good Hope

4 heroes of South Africa inside the Castle of Hope

Eric and friends at CP airport

Today is the last day that I am at South Africa. Cannot believe my journey is ending tomorrow. Got up late around 8:00am. Naaz already made coffee and toast for me. She also did my laundry yesterday. She is so warm and nice. Leonie said Naaz could be a tiger to deal with others also.

First, I went to the Castle of Good Hope. It was built in the 17th century by the Dutch East Indian Company. It was a huge fort and still carries on some traditions such as the change of the Key ceremony at 10:00am and firing of the cannon at 11:00am. There was an art collection by some residents also. Walked around the Fort on top of its wall. It reminds me of Chinese Great Wall. After that went to Eastern Food Bazaar. It is a collection of various Indian food vendors plus one Chinese food place run by Indians. Ordered a garlic Nunn bread, a vegetable samosa, a glass of mongo lassi and some other things that I could not name them. Then, walked over to the Food Lover’s Market for a bowl of salad. It is a huge place with lots of prepared food, semi-prepared food and groceries. It was full of people also. We do not have a place like it in Seattle.

After lunch I walked over to the Green Market Square to try to search some unique things to take home. Found a Hornbill bird sculpted from a black stone and a few hairpins made of porcupine quail.

Went to the Slave Lodge Museum. It was used to house slaves in 17th to 18th century. Cape town imported about 5 million slaves from India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, etc. to work on the winery and as domestic helpers for the Dutch settlers. Before they were sold, they were housed in the lodge. The condition was terrible. Did not realize that Cape Town had such a history.

By 4:30pm I got tired and started to take bus back to the house. Without stereo vision I lose balance easily if there are stairs or the ground is uneven. It has not been getting better. Need to go see the neurology ophthalmologist once I get back. Naaz invited me to join them for dinner. She had fixed a Malay dish: grounded beef with potato and peas with rice. It was very similar to a Chinese dish. She provided a desert also afterwards: sweet potato with custard.

I dreamed of visiting Africa since childhood. Now, I am here! Today is the last day I am at South Africa. What Africa left the most impressions for me? I think it has to be the bloody sunrise, orange moon rise, blue sky during the day and clear night sky full of stars, the tranquil water holes with grazing antelopes, tall giraffes browsing the tree tops, herds of elephant mothers with babies, the expansive brownish-yellow tall grassland with dotted bushes and flat-topped trees, the lion’s roar and Hyena’s howling, of course lots of colorful birds and their beautiful songs, and my many wonderful hosts: Hermani (Marnie), David & Lindie , Jasper & Christel, Leonie & Naaz. It is an unforgettable trip! So long, I shall return.

Not sure where and when my next trip maybe. Once it is decided, I will send an announcement and start the travel journal again. I hope you continue to enjoy and follow my travel.

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