2018 South Africa and Botswana Trip travel blog

Orange-breasted Sunbird

Spotted Eagle-owl

Seal at Hout Bay of Cape Town

A bowl of local black mussel

It was raining when I woke up. After checking the forecast, I decided still to proceed to go to the Botanical Garden. An Uber car showed up within 2 minutes and he got me to the Garden at 8:30am. This time I had 3 target birds: Grassbird, Orange-breasted Sunbird and Spotted Eagle-owl. It was drizzling until past 10:00am. A staff showed me where one of the owls was. She was sitting on the nest inside a large planter near the entrance! I could see her head. She has intense eyes and long ear tuffs. It is a large owl like our Great-horned Owl.

The garden now had much more blooms. The protea flowers have different colors and shapes, but all somewhat are cone shaped large flowers. The Sugarbirds were plentiful, so are the Sunbirds. I saw Southern Double-collared Sunbirds first and they seemed to be everywhere, but no Orange-breasted Sunbird. I even saw a couple of Malachite Sunbirds. The skywalk is the best place to find and view small birds. There was a tree full of berries. There must be over 30 Cape White eyes, several Olive Thrushes, a couple of Cape Bulbuls, a large flock of Red-winged Starlings, a few Cape Robin-chats and two Sombre Greenbuls. A couple of Cape Red-billed Francolin were walking around, not shy at all. After I stood still for a few minutes, a small field mouse showed up. When I was walking towards the gate, I suddenly saw an Orange-breasted Sunbird! It stood on top of a protea flower and showed its orange breast beautifully. No luck with the Grassbird.

Took the Hop-on-off bus to the winery Constantia. It was established in 1652 by Dutch. Visited the museum and took the cellar tour. The wine tasting was done differently than St. Machelle near where I live. A wine list was given and each pick 5 kinds. I picked 2 kinds of white wine and 3 kinds of red wine. I am not an expert in wine tasting. Most of them taste the same to me. However, the red wines were quite fine and tasted different. The staff gave me a little of their famous desert sweet wine to try. It was outstanding! I enjoyed the winery surroundings with lots of grape fields.

When I got on the bus to go to Hout Bay, I could not find my bus ticket. I was told I had to buy another one even though the driver remembered me when I got on. Well, it was just money. Hout Bay has a fish market and a couple of restaurants.Had a bowl of black mussel for lunch. Many fishing boats and other kinds of boats dock there. When I was walking on the dike, I saw a fat seal. A person told me it is so tame that I could touch it or take a photo with it. I politely refused it. Got back to the bus and rode to V&A waterfront. Stopped at the food market and had a bowl of rice with smoked salmon and avocado. Bought a small Quiche with spinach and feta for tomorrow’s breakfast.

When I got back to the house, the door was open, but nobody was at home. Made myself a cup of tea. After shower, Leonie, Naaz, Naaz’s 8-year old daughter and a man came back. They went out for burger. I got cash from an ATM today and paid Leonie for the 3 night’s Stay.

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