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Our brief travel

The little chapel, wedding and landing plane

Another plane, same wedding

Here comes the bride

The wedding party

Dinner for four

Dinner for one

Jacques and Dennus return from shopping at the fish market

Denise and Dennus beginning their day with a good book

Jacques returning from the marina office

Denise and Dennus ready for our departure from Gouvia

Wow — not bad

Passing sailing “A” again

At anchor for the day/night (bay next to the chapel/airport runway)

A maritime fish luncheon, bought fresh this morning

Mapof the Ionian Islands

Vacheroni chapel

Jacques and Dennus began their day early with a trip to the fish market, to select the bestest fish for the culinary pleasures of Milena and her very special guests. After about an hour, Jacques and Dennus returned beaming with their treasures. (pic)

. Jacques had a few more things to do before we could leave. The “just hanging” day began for Denise and Dennus with a relaxing read in the aft cockpit. (pic)

. (pic)

. Milena is now ready for her departure.

Denise and Dennus picked their preferred spot for our departure — so they are now ready for their journey to begin. (pic)

Within minutes we after leaving the confines of the marina, the sea breezes welcomed us by swirling pockets of fresh air in our faces. Ahhhhh.... the breeze.... it feels wonderful. Over the years of visiting the Ionian, I have learned that Corfu is the hottest of all the islands.... Not only temperature wise—- but air wise as well. That is not to say that the other islands do not bake in the sun, because they do — but Corfu always seems to be hotter with less air.

As we ambled our way down the SE coast of Corfu, the boat traffic was light. Except for the one cool boat. (pic)

. It wasn’t long before we saw sailing “A” again, still anchored on the South side of Old Town. (pic)


Continuing just a little further, we dropped our anchor for the rest of the day and evening. Lovely spot for a swim.

OK.... great idea.... It was not too long before I wiggled into my swim suit, and joined Denise and Dennus in the water. Unfortunately they is no pictorial recollection of this event, since me, as the photographer was in the water. I had my noodle, and a long ‘life line’ that Jacques gave me so I could always get back to Milena

I spent almost an hour in the water, loving how great it felt to finally be somewhat paddling in the Ionian. Guilluam hade the table set, as Jacques called us all to lunch. (pic)

Siesta after lunch is always appreciated now..... For the next 3 hours, Milena, her crew and enjoyed this layback, hottest part of the day.

Because of the rocky, unsteady terrane and docking at Vlacherna Chapel, I decided to let Jacques treat Denise and Dennus to the special church, sit in a little bar, and watch the planes land. In talking to them after their return, everything is now paved. What a wonderful improvement. Denise and Dennus were lucky enough to witnessed a marriage in progress, and got some great pictures. (pic)


Once back on Milena, I got a blow by blow description of how great a little place this was, and what a beautiful wedding.

Dinner (catch of the day for four), was served rather quickly after Jacques return to the boat. (Pic)


After dinner drinks, and coffee ended our evening together. We all went our separate ways. Denise and Dennus on air mattresses on the deck.... me on the topside bed, and Jacques in the cockpit, port side.

Bon Nuit......




More giggling and reliving their first day on Millie.... the dinner went amazingly fast. After brief after dinner drinks, and coffee, we all said goodnight .....

The Ionian Islands (Modern Greek: Ιόνια νησιά, Ionia nisia; Ancient Greek, Katharevousa: Ἰόνιοι Νῆσοι, Ionioi Nēsoi; Italian: Isole Ionie) are a group of islands in Greece. They are traditionally called the Heptanese, i.e. "the Seven Islands" (Ἑπτάνησα, Heptanēsa or Ἑπτάνησος, Heptanēsos; Italian: Eptaneso), but the group includes many smaller islands as well as the seven principal ones.

Ionian Islands

The Capital of the Ionian islands is Corfu.

Island List:








As a distinct historic region they date to the centuries-long Venetian rule, which preserved them from becoming part of the Ottoman Empire, and created a distinct cultural identity with many Italian influences. The Ionian Islands became part of the modern Greek state in 1864. Administratively today they belong to the Ionian Islands Region except for Kythera, which belongs to the Attica Region.

The seven islands are; from north to south:

Kerkyra (Κέρκυρα) usually known as Corfu in English and Corfù in Italian

Paxi (Παξοί) also known as Paxos in English

Lefkada (Λευκάδα) also known as Lefkas in English

Ithaki (Ιθάκη) usually known as Ithaca in English

Kefalonia (Κεφαλλονιά) often known as Kefalonia, Cephalonia and Kefallinia in English

Zakynthos (Ζάκυνθος) sometimes known as Zante in English and Italian

Kythira (Κύθηρα) usually known as Cythera in English and sometimes known as Cerigo in English and Italian

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