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The perfect breakfast (complete with iced latte)

Nelson, my blogging buddy

A little bit of “pump” maintenance for Millie;

Nelson is ready for Lunch of overs from our dinner last night

Jacques Is also ready to partake of a wonderful spread

Welcome to Denise and Dennus

Yes... it is us .... we made i!!

Another sunset in Gouvia

Denise and Dennus enjoying their first meal on Milena

Jacques opening up the celebratory bottle of champagne

Cheers and a toast to us, and being together again

My appetizer of figs and prosciutto, while the others had salmon from...


Chicken breasts in wild mushroom cream sauce

We all slept like babies last night. In fact, all three of us overslept. I blame it on the cool comfort of the air conditioning. I was the first one up and moving, which is a rarity. Jacques is always the first up, and working before I stick my head into the salon.

Breakfast was the best ever..... (pic)

With Nelson at my side, let the day begin. (pic)

Meanwhile, Milena had some pump issues which should be corrected. From what I can gather, it was more of a maintenance issue, as opposed to a mechanical failure. (pic)

Along with the pump issues, Jacques and Marina are now in preparedness mode.... Guests are arriving.... things to do.... Robin, stay out of the way.... they are doing their thing.... Denise and Dennus are arriving in Corfu at 3:30p.m..... it is “t” , or should I say “D” time and counting: “D-5 hours, and counting.....”

As the ‘pump’ dudes made several trips back and forth to Milena, on and off the floor in the galley and salon — Jacques was scurrying around the harbor accomplishing his departure and re-arrival info with the harbor office.

By 1:00p.m. (“D” - 2 hours, and fleeting much too fast) Maintenance was complete, and the galley/salon flooring returned to normal. Now it was lunch time.

A quick bite to eat in the salon escaping the rising 98 degrees + topside. (pic)


Gobble we did, and before we knew it.... not only was time to go to the airport. (3:00pm), but Marina left Millie, and had run to the store to pick up last minute essentials.... Jacques was picking up Denise and Dennus, and owing to the amount of heat, and the 1.00 mile walk, I opted to stay on Millie, and welcome my friends when they arrived here. (pic)

. I has been a terribly long day for them. They left Seattle around 2:00p.m. Yesterday... flying straight thru on British Air to LHR... a 3 hour layover, then British Air non-stop to Corfu. Both Denise and Dennus looked amazingly well, a little heat wilted, for having traversed so far. Sharing a bottle of cold water, sitting at the table and reliving the day they had was very interesting. After an hour or so we had gone thru 2 liters of water, and it was time to start on white wine spritzers. (pic)


We were Chattering as if we had not seen each other in years, as the sun set over Gouvia marina. (pic)


Sensational wafts of our dinner kept emitting thru the port holes..... now my stomach was growling..... You had thought it had been months since my last meal.

Guillaum had managed to set the table around us, and before we knew it — the dinner service had begun. (pic)

When Jacques and Marina had appeared, Jacques was busy opening up a cold bottle of champagne to toast the exciting arrival of Denise and Dennus, who will be our guests for the next 10 days. (pic)



Denise/Dennus had brought salmon from Seattle, which Marina proudly served them as the appetizer before dinner. While they were enjoying the delicacy from my part of the world, I had nibbles of prosciutto and figs. (pic)

The star attraction chicken arrived, and we each devoured our portions very quickly, particularly with Jacques’ ca mushroom cream sauce, that can not be beaten. (pic)

After dinner, we each had slices of cold water melon, and sipped on “cumquat” liquor [only found in Corfu], with coffee backs.

Being a long day for all, particularly Denise and Dennus, we are said goodnight, and adjourned to our aseparate air conditioned bedrooms.....

Bon Nuit....

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