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close quarters at KOA Boomtown

This game is all over the place! Even at KOA!

entrance to Squaw Valley Park

Squaw Valley Chapel built in 1960 for Olympics

The Resort at Squaw Valley

white gondola on its way up

part of Lake Tahoe

another part

and still another

Donner Lake - west beach

Donner Lake fun

the beach and the hills

campsite at Boca Reservoir

kayaking up the stream that comes into the reservoir

Boca Reservoir from the dam

secret campsite along a dirt road

view of Truckee River, I-80, hills

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Lake Tahoe

No problems getting to Reno yesterday. The drive on 89 up to and around Lassen Peak was very pleasant. The GPS had me go on a business route to the west of Reno to get to Verdi where the campground is and that was a bit tricky, but liked it better than going through downtown Reno (I think)! I met Michelle and her daughter Shelby last night at a Mexican restaurant close by and that was good.

Today, I went back into California via I-80 to see Lake Tahoe, Donner Lake, and Boca Reservoir. I was also looking for letterboxes and that hobby had me enter the area where the Winter Olympics were held in 1960! The old housing is now a fancy resort and there are gondola rides to the top of the mountain. This was a neat find.

Lake Tahoe is big and I went around the southwest area of it. Donner Lake has a state park on the east end and a free beach at the west end. It's a beautiful oval lake with the inlet within the bounds of the state park. That's where I would like to kayak.

Boca Reservoir has camping at the far end and a road on top of the dam at the near end! While looking for a letterbox, I had a great view of the Truckee River and I-80 and the brown mountains.

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