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Breakfast and Crib

Our wonderful friends

Dalton, Monique and the boys

Selfie time...

Sweet gifts from Dalton & Monique, signs from the 2 main highways...

That's a wrap.

Our cooler of fish from Prince Rupert

Salmon fillet

Spring Salmon

Halibut and Salmon

Good looking freezer of delicious dish.

A rough morning, and certainly not the planned “early departure” I was planning…the rock star life is not my friend!!! Still, I dragged my sorry butt outside and prepped the trailer to go. All hooked up, I joined everyone else in the cabin for breakfast. Monique and Jax were chatting over coffee, the boys were already into a game of Crib. Dalton was giving them instruction, while cooking up a breakfast of pancakes, eggs and sausages. I grabbed a coffee, and inhaled some breakfast, trying to settle the tummy a little!!

Breakfast and Crib complete, it was time to bid farewell, yet again. The sky had almost completely cleared, and the temptation was certainly there to stay for another day with our wonderful friends. However, it had been two weeks on the road, and home was calling. Not to mention, I wanted to get our fish home and into the freezer – I’m sure Dolly’s did a great job of freezing and packing them into the cooler, but it can get pretty warm in the back of the truck.

Hugs, thanks, and goodbyes all round, and by 9:45am, we were back on the road. Straight through Prince George, and we were following the Fraser River down Highway 97 South. 30 minutes later, we were remembering the “Blackout” we drove through on our way north, a far different drive now, as we had sunshine and sweet views of the rolling fields, the farms, the hills and forests. Through Quesnel, across the bridge and in search of a Tim Horton’s…success on the south end of town. A quick trailer check while Jax and the boys grabbed some much-needed food and caffeine. The trailer was still looking good and holding together – this has been a long haul over all manner of highway.

Feeling marginally better, we were off again, slowing down as we cruised through McLeese Lake, and I put my poor family through yet more childhood memories; the Oasis Pub & Hotel, fishing at the creek at the south end of the lake, Glencairn Trailer Park, skiing down the hill, biking the trail to the lake, and climbing Mt. Suicide (pretty sure that was a name my childhood friends and I made up) behind the trailer park.

Into Williams Lake, topped up the tank at the Petro-Canada, then made our way to Taylor-Made Cakes & Sweets. It’s owned by Dale Taylor and his wife. Dale has been the Morning Guy at the local radio station since I was in High School – and I did my “Career Exploration” work week at the station. It was good to see him at the shop, have a quick catch up, and to introduce him to the family. Jax and the boys loved the shop, and we were soon selecting a fine variety of delicious cupcakes for the road. Another Thrift Shop stop, and we were back on the highway, pushing for home.

On we drove, checking out the Log Home Building site on the north side of Williams Lake (Timber Kings, on TV), the Sugar Cane Reserve, Lac La Hache, and 100 Mile House. The rain started falling, but still better than smoke. We rolled through Clinton, and honked as we passed the Antoine’s at Bonaparte. Fuel and food at the A&W in Cache Creek, and we headed for home…continuing to give Benjamin “time updates” along the way – they started near Prince George. A beautiful side effect to all the rain? Rainbows. We had not one, but two rainbows leading us home, full arcing rainbows that Jax fell in love with – and she took many a picture!!! A lovely way to end our trip.

We finally pulled up at home by about 7:30pm, the boys racing in to check out the house. They came back out and helped me back the trailer in. Next item of business, getting the cooler of fish in, and it was all good. Dolly’s did an amazing job of preparing and packaging our fish for travel. The boys were trying to figure out who caught which, lol. They and Jax loaded it into the freezer. Now for all the unpacking and cleaning…tomorrow!!!

A big two days of travel – 601km today, 912km in the last two days – 3,477km in the last 15 days. Simply amazing trip, incredible memories made, but still, it’s good to be home.

601km Today; 3477km Trip Total

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