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Good morning from the deck of Milena

Totally prepared for a visit from George

Today’s travel 20 minutes

Such a lovely house

Gouvia Marina

Yes.... whew do have a spot

Marina maneuvering the ease into our assigned slip

With the temperature soaring close to 100 degrees, salon lunch is the...

Sunset at Gouvia Marina

Dinner at our favorite restaurant in Gouvia Marina

Ordering our dinner, and enjoying the “J” wine

Port assistance telling us where to moor....

Early morning awakens to such a peaceful and beautiful setting (pic)



Our trip was so brief, but such beautiful scenery. (pic)

, with their own swimming area and private dock..... ahhhh... such a life for them.

Today we left our lovely little spot early, for the 20 minute crossing to Gouvia Marina. Gouvia Marina is such a lovely spot for Jacques to winter Milena. He seems to be very happy with this marina and the services they can do for Millie. He is planning on “....wintering her here again next year.....” ****

As we amble accross the bay to Gouvia I marvel at just how large this marina really is. (pic)

. As we get closer to the Marina, a scout from the marina comes to Milena, and tells her just where she should moor. (pic)



It always amazes me as I witness Marina, year after year, make this precise, difficult task look so easy.

Once having secured Milena aft lines, Jacques carried the large Marina mooring lines (attached to the Marina), and placed them on either side of the bow. Snuggly home. We now have shore power, and fresh water! Yeah free A/C,and shore power for the next 48 hours..... Charge all, and bathe in the coolness of A/C.! Ahhhhhhh.....

The temperatures are soaring, and it being close to 100 degrees outside — eating below in the A/C. salon was a no brainer decision on my part. (pic)

Siesta was refreshingly wonderful. All of us snuggled below in the coolness.

As the sun began to set over Gouvia.... Marina and I donned ourselves for a fabulous dinner at Olympia Mare, our favorite place. (pic)

With Marina’s help I walked the 600+ meters (according to Jacques), —- [a little less than 1/2 mile] one way.

That will certainly be a triumph if I can make the round trip.

Successfully sitting at our window table in Olympia Mare, and being welcomed once again by its owner, Jacques ordered a nice bottle of red Greek wine “J”. (The “J” could not be for Jacques, could it?) Yummy..... Let our evening begin.... (pic)

The waiter kept checking on us, but our minds were not sure..... finally the third time... we were ready.... (pic)

My dinner consisted of a piece of wagu beef, while Jacques and Marina enjoyed their fish and chips.

A wonderful warm breeze began, or maybe it was not the breeze, but the “J” wine I was consuming.

By the time we had finished our dinner, no one, including Jacques, had room for dessert. The kind gentle owner brought each of us a special “dessert liquor” gratis, as he placed the bill on the table. The tradition that the Greeks have of giving you a dessert drink or dessert I think makes paying the bill that much easier. With drinks finished, and bill paid, Marina and I began our long, and slow walk, back to Milena. Once on board, with after dinner drinks enjoyed in the salon by each of us, and the A/C beconing us ....” sleeeeeeeppppppp....” that is

Just what we did.....

Once again — a lovely day!!!

Bon Nuit......


****Aside: Ok.... now I am confused again. I was led to believe this year we were returning to France (Cannes, Vieux Port), and he was NOT going to return to this part of the world again..... Well, now this is NOT the case.

Current info now: Milena is returning for the winter to Corfu next year. Jacques will not only continue to charter in Greece — but is planning on returning to the Aegean! Hmmmmm... Not only is there a next year with the Milena, but also the Aegean Sea, instead of the Ionian.... Wow...... me thinks Jacques is putting off the sale of his cherished Milena, yet one more time............ Stay tuned.... this story will also change as time goes by.....


** Thanks to Sherrie for the two below links regarding the TWO “A”s — both owned by the same man!!!! Why he would have TWO spaceaged crafts is beyond me — as is the combined cost of over $600MM!!!! The “Sailing A” has a crew of over 50 people, and 20 guests.... Enjoy this updated information....... Thank you again, Sherrie!


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