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Today’s travel

Luncheon is served before we leave

What a beautiful taste this is

1) “A” study upon departure

2). “A” study angle

3) “A” study closer

4). “A” study from the stern

“Old Town”

Dinner in the little bay opposite Gouvia Marina

NOTE: Several people have asked: “How can I comment on your blog, within the blog platform?”

If you want to know how to comment back to me within a certain journal day .... thanks to Dee, this is what she does very regularly and successfully:

After reading your journal page I click onto "Journal Home" which takes me to your original page of My Trip the right hand corner there is an entry under "Robins adventure in Europe" that says "Leave a message" I click on that and type away! This is the same drill as last years I believe! Hope that helps!!!

I hope this helps also. Give it a try, and let me know what you think. I hope you do try it, because at the end of all this, if I am lucky to publish again, you will become part of my memory on the day you spoke. I can even comment back to you.....


Waking up in the shadow of m/y A is some kind of odd thrill. It truly does looks like part of a space ship which has dropped out of the sky. My curiosity will always try and look up a way to see some internal pictures. With the links I sent, if you can find some internal pictures, please let me know. We spent the morning here. Jacques and Marina were off Milena early to get a lot of their shopping done before it go too hot.

Me? I spent the morning blogging and reading, below deck where the air was cooler than the stifling, airless surroundings of topside.

When Jacques and Marina returned with the daily treasures, lunch was on the table within minutes. (pic)


The most delicious of bacon, cheese and onion tart.

Our travel today was not far.... and it sure felt good to move, and feel air on my face again. (pic)


Upon leaving I decided to do a more pictorial depth of m/s A. Maybe there was something I missed, with my quick judgement “I don’t like this odd thing”, attitude. (pic)




Ok.... I have now made up my mind. I do not like it, but it does, in fact, fascinate me. It is too big for its surroundings, and will always, all ways look out of place.

As we proceeded again Northward, I could not hesitate to take a picture of “Old Town”, on our way by. (pic)


Thank goodness Milena decided NOT to go into Gouvia Harbor, where it is hot. We stayed opposite, in the little bay, and could look over a Gouvia. I fanticisized I could almost see the heat waves ripple off the top of the marina.

After the sun set, and we were all huddled below in the A/C trying to survive the heat, as Jacques was preparing a wonderful lamb dinner for us to feast on. (pic)

Sitting at the table, in the coolness of night felt wonderful, as each of use enjoyed our lamb dinner with Greek Rose. Oddly enough, this greek rose, was just a rose colored as its cork!

Jacques decided on a huge bowl of ice cream, topped with fruit — while Marina and I had our traditional Turkish coffee and an after dinner drink.

Good night beautiful world.... another lovely day on the Milena.

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