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Randy and Robin

High School Band at the parade

Teeny Miss Clothesline

At the parade

At the parade

An Arkansas Razorback

A motley crew!

It is listed on the Register of Historic Places!

Robin's family

Katy - Randy's mom

Katy loves to dance


Dinner at the Catfish Hut - delicious!

Tim and his other Diane

The floor we worked on

Tim and his cousin, Robin

Tim and Robin on the zipline - getting started

Here they come!

On stage at The Mansion - Branson

On stage

Auditorium from the stage

Stage from above

Beautiful deck

We arrived in Prairie Grove, home of our great friends Randy and Robin White. They have sold their house and bought a house and 40 acres just outside of town where we will be parking our RV. The house is undergoing renovation so they are currently staying in town with Randy's mom, Katy (just about 1-1/2 miles away). We didn't know before we arrived that we would end up having to help rework the floor in the hallway! Hey, what are friends for if they can't crawl under the house with all the spider webs and other unknown creepies to help fix it! The cavalry has arrived to help get the work done!! The house is going to be great when it is finished and we are glad to be able to help.

We brought BBQ and slaw with us from our stay in Ozark. We all had dinner at Katy's. She made a delicious cherry/pineapple dump cake for dessert. Yummy! One thing about being a part of this group, you will never go hungry!!! Katy is a fantastic cook.

The next day Tim and I worked pulling up the flooring in the house so that they could get underneath the floor to jack it up. It wasn't easy just getting the plywood up, but once that was done they could figure out how to proceed. Over the next couple of days there was a lot of talking and debating on the best course of action and by the time we left, the floor was as solid as a rock. Now the real work can begin. We had dinner at Katy's again. This is country cooking at its best - crockpot chicken and rice, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, fresh garden tomatoes, crescent rolls - DELICIOUS!!

Katy is very active in the senior community around the area and I went with her to the senior center in nearby Lincoln on Wednesday. They have live music and dancing. Also, you can buy lunch for $3.00. There were 7 musicians playing guitar and steel guitar and singing. Anyone that wanted could also make a request and get up and sing. Katy is quite the singer and dancer!! It was a great time!! Later I helped Tim and Randy work on the house.

On Thursday Tim and I drove over to Branson, MO. Tim has only 2 cousins on his dad's side of the family and one of them lives there. It had been over 55 years since he had seen Robin or her sister Phoebe. It was great to meet Robin and her husband John. They live in a nice little community right on the river. We had dinner with her and she was able to acquire tickets to see the show at Grand Country Music Hall. It was a FANTASTIC show!! There is singing, dancing, comedy, instrumentals and fun for all. It is said to be one of the best shows in Branson. I would have to agree!!

Robin works at The Mansion Theater and gave us the grand tour the next day. There wasn't a show at the time, so we were able to see all of the backstage stuff. It was just great. From there we went to The Landing - a huge area of shopping and restaurants on a lake. We had lunch and did a little shopping like tourists! Tim and Robin rode a zipline and I took pictures!! We had a wonderful time and hope to get back out to visit later this year or next.

We had a hot ride home. Summer was giving us her best. When we returned Tim and Randy poured concrete footings for the jacks to raise the floor. We had dinner at Katy's again that evening. Katy wasn't there, though, she was out playing Bingo!!

The first weekend in September, Prairie Grove has the Clothes Line Fair. On Saturday, 9/1, which also happened to be Robin's birthday (Happy Birthday Robin!!!), we went to breakfast the the Masonic Lodge and then put out chairs out on the sidewalk in front of Sterling Pharmacy (where Robin works) to watch the Clothes Line Fair Parade. We had a load of fun!! There were all kinds of vehicles in the parade. There were also 50+ trailers/vehicles carrying as many different square dance groups. There were beauty queens and high school band, cheerleaders and clowns. I think that every one of them were tossing candy!! We had such a good time!! After the parade we had birthday cake and ice cream back at Katy's. Robin's parents, daughter Julie and her husband, granddaughter Lindley and grandson Landon were there. It was a great time!! We also had a big bag of candy that Tim and Randy got from the parade. There was no lack of sweets!

Later in the afternoon, Katy and I went into town and wandered thru their antique shops. They have some very unique things. That evening we went to The Catfish Hole in Fayetteville for dinner. I have been eating catfish all my life and I love it. But I have to tell you, this is the best catfish I have ever eaten!! They also have the best hushpuppies and cole slaw that are endless with the meal. If you like catfish, it is worth the trip to Fayetteville, AR!!

On Sunday we went to the Clothes Line Fair. We were going on Saturday, but after the parade the weather was so hot and humid, we decided to go earlier on Sunday. It is a really nice craft fair. We walked around for about an hour. We had a lot of fun!

Robin and Randy have two adorable little Yorkie dogs, Dixie and Dooley. They are really sweet little dogs and have wrapped themselves around Grandma Katy's heart! After they bought their new house they went out to do some cleaning on it. When they went in they found that the previous owner had left her cat in the house, not a very nice thing to do. The cat was living in the kitchen cabinets and was skittish and afraid of them. They put her outside and gave her food. We didn't see her until the 2nd or 3rd night we were there. Tim got some of Alley's food and called to the cat to see if she would come to us. She warily came up to us on the back deck. She let Tim rub on her a little bit, but was still a bit unsure. I sat down and she came right over to me. I put my hand out so she could smell it and check me out. She started rubbing all over my hand and would kinda jump up to bump my hand. It was love at first sight!! She is a really sweet kitty and we became good friends very quickly. Later Randy and Robin came out and she loves them, too!! Believe it or not they have named her Diane!! Every few days, Randy will send us updates on Diane!! She is at least twice the size of Dixie and Dooley so I hope they get along well!

Needless to say, we had a wonderful time, even though Tim had to work under the floor!, and always look forward to the next time we get to visit our great friends in Prairie Grove!!

Until next time . . .

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