Rich and Cindy Ackman Alaska Trip 2018 travel blog

Reno Hotel

along the way

Bonneville Salt Flats

Salt Flats History

End of Great Salt Lake

Western edge of Nebraska

We put a lot of miles on in two days.

We drove through Northern California to Reno NV. There was a lot of variety in the scenery but nothing real outstanding. We have never been to Reno before so this was a good opportunity to visit it. Not a bad town but I doubt that we will rush back.

The second day we drove on over to Salt Lake City UT. Some pretty scenery and interesting places. The dessert was not at it’s best because of the drought. We drove past the Bonneville Salt Flats which was neat but a little hard to take a picture. We then passed the Great Salt Lake. The mountains in this area are very rustic but not huge. It was a nice day for driving.

PS. My credit card got compromised today so please send money. HaHa I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner in the trip.

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