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Utah State Capitol Building

SLC Mormon Temple

Mormon Tabernacle

Beehive House

Utah Hotel Lobby

Vivant Smart Home Arena - Home of the Utah Jazz

Park City Main Street

Egyptian Theater Park City

This was a full day. Started out morning by getting picked up by the trolley (yes they showed) I'd mentioned yesterday, at 9:30 at the Sheraton which is a block away (but these are long blocks). Good tour, informative, and they tried to liven it up w/ a couple of costumed guides who wore period pieces, told stories, and sang. After the tour, I stopped back at my hotel room briefly then basically went back to most of the places we saw on the tour. Of course, in this town, Temple Square is the big news. This is a square block (but remember these are big blocks) that contains the Temple, Tabernacle, and Assembly Hall as well as some other buildings. The church has also taken over the full square block east of Temple Square as well as some other buildings across the street on some of the other adjacent blocks. After spending some time in the Square, I went down to the end of the next block to take a tour of the Beehive House so named for the beehive built into the peak of the roof. The Beehive House was the personal residence of Brigham Young. BY evoked the image of a beehive for his followers as a place of industry where everyone worked together for the benefit of the greater society. The beehive then became Utah's state symbol since the church and the territory/state government both became tied up in BY. I next stopped in at the Utah Hotel which actually is not a hotel anymore but the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It was purchased by the church in 1987 and is used as offices and a convention type facility. There are also 3 restaurants in the building. I then walked 4 blocks (did I mention these are long blocks?) west to the Union Pacific Station area. This is the location of the Vivant Smart Home Arena which is where the Utah Jazz of the NBA play. Behind the Station is The Gateway. This is an outdoor mall/plaza area for shopping. It was actually a little eerie because most of the stores seemed to be opened, there was music coming through outdoor speakers but there were hardly any people around. Can't image how the stores are making it unless it is a much more vibrant place on the weekends. In retrospect, this probably wasn't worth it because I had to walk 3 of the 4 blocks back the direction I had come from plus another 4 blocks south to get back to the hotel.

Got back at the hotel around 4 and didn't even bother to stop by my room but hopped in the car and headed out to Park City which is about 35 miles west of SLC. I parked downtown and walked "Historic Main Street". This area is build into the side of a hill and even though Main St runs along side of the hill it still goes up hill. I was already at over 17000 steps for the day w/ aching knees and feet but I toughed it out and walked it end to end reading some of the historical plaques and slyly people watching (like the mom who was freaking out calling for dad a half block away because a couple of the boys were wreaking havoc in an art studio). Also found this pleasant little path that ran behind some of the houses on upper Main Street. Stop for 20 minutes or so to listen to a duo playing some of the classic acoustic hits from that phenomenal musical period of the 60's and 70's. On my way out to Park City on I-80, I became aware at one point that I seemed to be climbing this mountain forever. Then I thought no, it must just seem like an usually long climb. On the way back I paid closer attention, and sure enough, at the peak was a sign that read "3%-6% Grade for the Next 10 Miles". That is a long way up or down.

Steps 20,741/220998 Bike 49.5/49.5

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