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On Friday night I booked a SLC City tour for today. It seemed odd that I received a confirmation but was never asked for payment information. So yesterday morning I called and they confirmed they had my reservation and that I would pay when I was picked up at my hotel. The tour was supposed to start at 11 which is later than I prefer but didn't have a choice. I was up around 8 so I had 3 hours to kill. Had breakfast, checked up on a few things, and caught up on a bit of the news before heading outside to wait for the bus. When it didn't arrive by 10 after I called and the guy was all apologetic but since I was the only one who had signed up the tour was cancelled and apparently someone forgot to call me. Needless to say I won't be recommending Salt Lake City Tours in the future either.

I had already found out that the event I had planned for tomorrow, kayaking on the Great Salt Lake wasn't going to work because the company that rented the kayaks no longer did so at the Antelope Island location.

I went back to my room to regroup, booked a trolley sightseeing tour for tomorrow, and headed out to Antelope Island. It was about an hour's drive. Did some hiking, snap some pics, and dipped my toes in the Lake. In most places the water is a long way from the shore line. The place where there is beach access had about a 200 yard expanse that must be crossed to get to the water. It is a rock and hard sand type of surface. Then, as you approached the water there is this brown mat. I thought it was some type of seaweed but turns out it was brine flies, which swarming your lower legs and move in what looks like waves as you walk through them. Kinda gross actually but at least they don't bit. There is a kind of romanticized idea about the lake but another thing I thought was a rather unpleasant concept is the lake doesn't have any outlet which means it is just stagnant. Although it didn't necessarily smell. I was surprised to see they have buffalo on the island. Apparently in the late 1800's when they were threatened w/ extinction, some were brought to Antelope Island in a preservation move. I actually saw more buffalo here than I did in Custer State Park in ND. As it turned out, it ended up being a rather pleasant afternoon after the rough start to the day.

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