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Up really early this morning as we have to be ready for our PeruHop bus at 5.15am. They pick us up on time in a small van and we are dropped off to an area where others gather and the Bus collects us there. All is going well as we go in the same direction as we did to the Colca Canyon. We have a small break for breakfast and then back on the road. About an 2 hours into our 12 hour journey we stop. And we don't move for 1/2 hour and then we crawl along for a short time. Then we see trucks on the other side of the road, but facing the same way as us, reversing. As we continue all reveals itself. There has been a head on crash between two trucks. I am sure someone lost their life in this accident. It was really bad.

We then have a toilet stop at a lake for 10 minutes. Remember no number 2's on the bus. We finally stop for a buffet lunch at 3.30. The meal is good and the stop is only 45 minutes as we are so far behind. Next thing we come across is a broken down bus. We then stop to help the bus driver who has had a blown out tyre. Our bus driver assists him and now we are an hour and a half behind. The third delay is we get caught behind a funeral procession walking down the main street of a small village. And finally not far out of Cuzco are roadworks. Of course there are!

We finally arrive at 8pm and are dropped at the PeruHop depot where taxis (all paid by PeruHop as part of our ticket) ferry us to our Hotels and Hostals as the narrow streets of Cuzco aren't suitable for big buses.

We are staying at Casa Saphi B&B which is nice and we are very eager to get to bed. One meal for us today, no breakfast as we left early and no dinner as we arrived late.

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