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We are up at 5.00am this morning as we are going for a walk to a lookout point across the Valle of Colca. We can see small villages on the other side of the canyon and down to our right is an oasis of green where different crops can grow because the altitude is so much lower. Some of the small trails we can see on the other side of the canyon date from Inca times. Back to the Hotel for breakfast and then we go back to near the Condor Cross and we walk for an hour or so to get to the lookout. As we walk we can see quite a few condors but as it is only 8am they are still flying very low in the canyon. By 9am when we get to the lookout the condors are really flying much higher on the updrafts and we see many at close range as they glide on the thermal currents. At one stage 11 are circling above our heads. With such a big wingspan of 3.3 metres these are huge birds and such a special sight to see them, especially so many of them.

We leave the Colca Canyon and travel to La Calera Hot springs. There is a natural river but behind are some rock pools with natural thermal springs so we don our bathers and soak in the magical waters.

Lunch is a buffet which is okay and then Laura and Matias leave us to catch a bus to Puno and the rest of us return to Arequipa on the same route. As we pass through city to our Hotel we go past the huge queue of people, outside an official looking building that has been there every day. Harley explains that these people are lining up to register to vote in the upcoming election. Voting is compulsory and the fine is PEN75 which is a lot of money for some Peruvians so they want to make sure they are registered. We arrive back at our Hotel at 5.00pm and repack bags etc ready for our bus trip tomorrow. We also get an email from to say our flight time from la Paz to Trinidad has changed. They are giving us 10 minutes to get from the flight from Cuzco to La Paz to get on the next one. A looong call to Australia and they say their reservation team will fix it and get us on another flight. They ask us to give them 48 hours. We shall see!!!! We decide to eat at a fast food chicken place because we are not very hungry after such a big lunch. PEN 20 = less than A$10.

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