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Somewhere on US 6 in Utah

Strictly a driving day. Left Grand Junction around 9. On I-70, terrain was similar to yesterday...dirt w/ some sagebrush. After 100 miles turned off onto US 6. Initially the same landscape then hit some more mountains although not as many ups and downs as yesterday. As I got closer to I-15 there was some green on the mountains but bush type plants not the tall deciduous trees like back east. As was the case in South Dakota, in Utah the speed limit on interstates is generally 80 mph. I'm still only up to 75 myself so I'm a slowpoke since of course if the limit is 80 a lot of them are doing 85 or better. One of the things I've been very careful about since leaving Minneapolis is making sure I have enough gas. I've rarely been letting it drop below 1/2 tank because you can very suddenly find yourself in a situation where it is a long way until the next gas station. This was reinforced when I was getting back on I-70 after a rest room break. A sign stated " Next Services 106 Miles"! Can't imagine any place on the east coast, on an interstate, where it would be that long between exits w/ services.

Arrived at the hotel around 2:30. Spend the afternoon and evening catching up on this journal and editing pictures. Still have a lot to do on the pictures. Some days I'll snap 200 pictures. Eventually I need to go through and determine the best ones then delete the others. Reality is when I get home I'll probably spend a couple of months doing that.

Steps 3184/189990 Bike 49.5/49.5

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