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I Think Our Biorhythms Are Down!

Today is moving day. We have had a great week with Dean and Kelly! But, we don’t want to wear out our welcome, so we are moving to one of our Coast to Coast campgrounds, which is (somewhat) conveniently located in Monument. There was no rush since we were only going only a few miles away. So we had coffee with Cory, then said goodbye to her and Amos, and got started getting the trailer ready.

Everything went smoothly right up until Don got under the trailer to open the fresh water tank to drain. Uh oh! I hear. We’ve got a problem! What? There are a couple of loose wires; I think they go to the brakes. Can you fix it? Yes, but it will be fine until we get to our next site. So we finished getting things put together, put the kitty in her carrier and pulled in the slides. As Don was backing in to engage the hitch we discovered that there was no power to the landing gear. Also no power to the landing lights. Must be a loose wire says my electrician husband. Of course tracing wires means we have to remove all kinds of things from the storage areas, take apart the panel on the inside and generally undo everything we have just done to get ready. Kitty ended up closed in the bedroom while we did all this.

Thinking out loud, I wondered if the 2 loose wires in the back would have anything to do with this problem. So we searched through Dean’s garage until we found a couple of wirenuts to fix the loose wires. But no luck. Fuses were all good, nothing was loose. What?! Then we found a strange connection in behind the generator with another fuse. Who knew?! And this was the one that was blown. This meant a trip into Calhan for a new fuse, and presto! We were back in business.

After getting everything re-packed and the kitty back in her carrier we were once again ready to hook up. But that did not go well. Something went wrong and it didn’t latch properly. Suddenly we couldn’t go forward and we couldn’t go back. Yikes! So Don said he would try one more time, which he did, and it came off, with a loud thunk! In doing this maneuver, he managed to bend the lock pin which engages when we hook up. BUT! We figured we could get the trailer hooked up if he drove and I pushed in the pin with the tip of a ski pole, which worked like a charm. And we finished getting hooked up and prepared to leave. Being a worrier, I wondered if I had to worry about losing the trailer as we drove. Oh no, said my husband, we just have to worry about getting it un hitched when we get there.

No for those of you who do not know the area, we were doing all this in Dean’s pasture, about 30 miles east of Colorado Springs (and any help we might have needed.)

We made it to Colorado Heights RV Resort (tongue in cheek) and did manage to get unhitched.

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