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On Trading Post Trail @ Red Rocks

Took a leisurely start to the day by kicking my feet up on AC unit,leaning back in my chair, and watching the world go by out the window while having my morning coffee. First up for the day was a trip to the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave on Lookout Mountain arriving at 10. Checked out the grave site and views from the observation area before heading into the museum. There was a short video w/ original footage of his shows. The displays included a chronological discussion, w/ artifacts, of Buffalo Bill's life as well as presentations related to his shows and also some paintings. One thing I found interesting was a book that listed by state and city each show performed by Buffalo Bill. His show had been to Harrisburg quite a few time, Lancaster a number of times, and Lebanon once. Wrapped things up around noon.

The original planned called for a Coor's Brewery tour. However when I was verifying the times last night I discovered there weren't any tours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. In all the traveling I've done the last couple of years, this has been the place w/ the most items I was unable to do that were part of the original itinerary. Since the brewery was in Golden, just down in the valley from Lookout Mountain and I was headed that way anyway thought I'd drive by the plant to make sure I wasn't misunderstanding something. Sure enough, they were closed.

One of the things I really wanted to see in this area was Red Rocks Amphitheater. It is as spectacular as I had heard. First order of business when I arrived was to have lunch at the Ship Rock Grille. Then I headed out to the Amphitheater. The stage is at the bottom of a hill w/ bleacher seating built into the side of the hill. There is a large rock on each side of the seating area and another, smaller rock, behind the stage. The view over the top of the stage is of the Rocky Mountain foothills. Many musicians believe Red Rocks has the best acoustics of any outdoor theater in the world and others claim it has better acoustics than some concert halls. A thunderstorm moved through the area and there was a public address announcement that visitors should seek shelter. I headed for the museum which consisted of displays about the history and construction of the Amphitheater as well as information about the acts that have played there. Everyone you have ever heard of and many you haven't have played at Red Rocks. One hallway list the shows by year. In the 60's and 70's there were perhaps a dozen shows per year on average. By 2017 there were shows virtually every night from May through October. I would have liked to have attended a show but didn't want to commit to pre-purchasing tickets since some days I'm pretty exhausted by the time my touring's done.

The Amphitheater is in a park which of course means hiking trails. I hiked Trading Post Trail which was only 1.4 miles but was a fairly steep descent which meant a similar uphill hike on the back end. It began to sprinkle as I was finishing up. I then spent about a half hour in the Trading Post, which as you might expect is a gift shop, but also houses the Colorado Music Hall of Fame which is dedicated to musicians who called Colorado home at some point during their careers. By the time I came out it was a steady rain. Tonight probably would have been the night that worked best to attend a concert but the potential for rain was the other reason I wasn't crazy about buying a ticket ahead of time. Sitting in the rain for any reason is just not my idea of fun and would severely limit my enjoyment of any show.

All in all it's been a good time here, even w/ the glitches regarding some of the events I wanted to do, and I would certainly be interested in spending some time here again should the opportunity arise.

On Sunday night I awoke at 12:30 to the chirping of a cricket that was clearly not coming from outside my window. Narrowed it down to an area around the nightstand on the other side of the bed. Of course when I got close the chirping would stop. Pulled out the nightstand, used my phone flashlight to look around the baseboard and under the bed but couldn't find him. Went back to bed. Chirping starts. Look again. Can't find him. This time I left the light on on that side of the bed on using the logic that if he thinks it's daylight he thinks it's daylight he won't chirp. Didn't work. He chirped. I'd bump something. Chirping would stop for awhile. This went on until about 2 AM at which point he either stopped or I was so exhausted I slept through it. Next morning I told the desk who said she would have someone investigate but or course I didn't think there was really anything they could do about it. Last night I heard sporadic chirps between 9 and 11 when I went to bed but they seemed to be coming from different places in the room. Was able to get to sleep when I first went to bed but awoke to loud, incessant chirping around 1 AM. I narrowed it down to somewhere around my door but didn't see him at first but this time the chirping didn't stop when I got close. Opened the door and sure enough there he was cozied up against the door jamb. Unfortunately that little fella is not going to chirp anymore but sleep really well from 1-7 this morning!

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