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Capitol Building

Interior of Capitol Dome from Rotunda

From Capitol Dome Outside Observation Deck

Steps of Capitol Indicating Denver's Mile High Status

U.S. Mint

Denver Trolley

Mile High Statdium

Union Station

Since the U.S. Mint tour was off the table, the main event of the day was a tour of the Colorado state capitol. Riggs, our volunteer guide, was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. He spent quite a bit of time discussing how most of materials for construction of the capitol were from Colorado. The dome of the capitol has a gold plating, however it actually only amounts to about 65 oz of gold. He also explained how by law the legislature can only be in session 120 per year and a legislator is limited to 8 years in office. Perhaps Pennsylvania could take a few pages out of that playbook! For the last part of the tour we were able to go up into the dome and then out onto an observation deck that goes around the dome. After coming down from the dome we were free to roam around and check things out.

Although I couldn't tour the mint, which is only a couple of blocks from the capitol, I did go to the gift shop where they had some historical pictures and a video playing briefly discussing how coins are made.

After lunch at Jimmy Johns, I then went back to my car to grab my bike. The idea was to use it primarily for transportation to check out a few things. I rode up to Coors Field, home of the Rockies. Then worked my way over to REI/Confluence Park, to take a ride on the Denver Trolley. It was a short ride just down to Mile High Stadium and back but was pleasant enough. I wanted to get a closer look at Mile High Stadium, so after the trolley trip, rode my bike down the Platte River Trail back to the stadium. As I headed back to the car I went past their Union Station. As compared to the Union Stations in Omaha and Kansas City I toured last year, this is still active as a train and bus station. It is a very nice building. The main lobby has restaurants, bars, and some retail. The building also houses the Crawford Hotel. Based on a sign I saw it apparently was just revitalized in 2014. It is very well done.

After getting back to my car and racking my bike took another short stroll down the 16th Street Mall, then headed for home about 5:30.

After a shower ran back out to Perkins for dinner. Had tilapia and shrimp on rice w/ asparagus. Seems like this was my first meal since I left that wasn't some type of sandwich or that didn't include fries.

Steps 16079/144746 Bike 8.8/49.5

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