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16th Street Mall

On the 16th Street Mall

Big Blue Bear

Beginning of Cherry Creek Trail

End of Cherry Creek Trail

Platte River @ Cherry Creek

Things did not go as planned today. Originally I had a Grayline bus tour on the itinerary for today. On Friday when I went to book it I found out it was in the afternoon rather than in the morning like most of these tours are. As it turns out it didn't matter because today's tour was already sold out on Friday. Was at the Visitor's Center when they opened at 10. After talking to a rep, booked a 1 PM tour w/ Banjo Billy's Bus Tours. Since I had 3 hours to kill walked, the 16th Street Mall end to end and had lunch before heading to the pick up sight in front of the Big Blue Bear at the Convention Center. 5 minutes before the tour was supposed to start received a group text saying the tour was cancelled because they didn't realize a bicycle race was going through downtown today! Needless to say I would not recommend Banjo Billy's if you are ever in Denver.

Also last night I was on the U.S. Mint website to verify the tour schedule and it said they will be closed for the next 2 weeks.

The only other thing on the itinerary for today was a bike ride on the Cherry Creek Trail which begins in Confluence Park (Cherry Creek and Platte River) and runs for 12 miles to the dam at Cherry Creek Reservoir. I did the entire length plus some extra to get to the trail and back. The trail is relatively flat until near the end and for the first four miles or so in the downtown area runs below street level under the bridges. It is concrete the entire distance so the riding is fairly smooth although there are spots where the creek floods the trail leaving mud or dirt behind. The flatness was a bit deceptive because on the south bound trip I was struggling to maintain an 8 or 9 mph pace. I conclude there must be a very slight upgrade and that bore itself out when I had no trouble keeping up a 12-13 mph pace as long as I wasn't fighting a headwind and at times could coast.

Stopped at Walmart on the way home to pick up some supplies and dinner so by the time I got back to the hotel, showered and ate it was 8:30.

I realized on the bike ride that the FitBit was still recording steps. Not sure of the science on how it records steps so wasn't sure how I reconciled this w/ the bike miles. In the end decide to just record each as reported.

Steps 26401/128667 Bike 27.6/40.7

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