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August 20, 2018

I’m trying to take advantage of good WiFi when I can particularly for uploading pictures which is soooooooo slow! This morning I downloaded books from the library, uploaded pictures, made payments etc. while we had a secure network.

Was fun being with the kids. They are having the house painted and Melissa wanted to see how the color looked from under the eaves! True love is Josh getting the 15 foot ladder out to paint a strip. And we paid how much for that kid’s education? Then the evening got serious playing a Czech game called CodeName. (Melissa and I are pretty darned good thinking alike!) The smoked ribs were delicious with a NV Santiago Station cabernet. Sat around the firepit planning our NYC visit together when we meet in early October.

Josh helped us get all of our technology in sync so that we can better listen to books, music etc. without eating up our data. I have even taken tips from a NYT travel photo journalist on what technology/apps to use while on the road. Hopefully, I will get the rhythm down pat!

After getting new batteries for the key fobs at MB, we finally got on the road about 9:45. Straight shot on Hwy70 to Hays, KS (5 hours). CO sky was very hazy or perhaps it was smoke from the fires? Listened to a book tape for most of the way as there is not much to see but corn fields, wind vanes, blown over billboards and grain silos. KS folks say that a mild breeze is 25 mph. Fortunately, we didn’t have even that. Thankfully the temperature was in the 70’s. Lost another hour today so checked into the BW about 4:30. Hotel is great (but nothing in the gym works) and it is not within walking distance of the town. Oddly enough, we recognized we have eaten lunch at the Hays Applebee’s several times on past trips! Hays is a natural stopping point on Hwy 70.

Hays actually has some interesting history. The town was named after an army military post to protect early settlers but was founded in 1867 as the eastern division of the Union Pacific Railway. The early days were wild and dangerous with soldiers coming to town to visit saloons, brothels, gambling houses and dance halls. Wild Bill Hickock was the vigilante appointed acting sheriff in 1869. Custer’s wife, who was encamped near Fort Hays, said “there was enough desperate history during the summer to make a whole library of dime novels.”

Hays is located in Ellis County known as the German Capital of Kansas. We are going into town tonight to have dinner at Gella’s Diner and LB. Brewing Company, walk the brick streets and see the university. Perhaps we will see some German influence?

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