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Thursday 9 – Saturday 11 August

Time to leave the Venice lagoon. Had a long motor sail to the Marano & Grado lagoons and anchored not far from Lignano Sabbidoro.

What’s proved very help when navigating the canals/channels is that we can emulate the laptops desktop on the iPad and have the iPad in the cockpit.

Saturday 11 – Monday 13 August

Mid afternoon left the anchorage and headed for Grado and anchored in the channel not far from the town.

On the way into the entrance we noticed a (German flagged) racing boat trying to flag anyone down to assist them – they had no working engine. We went over and towed them to the marina – they were very grateful.

Later in the afternoon the wind changed direction picked up suddenly, we suspect it was the Bora, and we started dragging the anchor, so we very quickly upped anchor and went to the other side of the channel.

This area of the lagoon is very pretty – reminds us of the east coast rivers, especially with the tide, mud and marshes. The only downside is there is a lot of traffic, therefore a lot of wash. Also being the weekend there has been a lot of day trippers.

On Sunday we gave fishing a go and all we caught was seaweed. Also we attempted to reglue the transom back onto the dinghy so at least we will be able to go ashore (maybe not with outboard) until we find a replacement.

In the afternoon we left the lagoon and headed for Sistiano where there was supposed to be an anchorage in the small harbour. Unfortunately the area was small and taken up with swimming areas, so we anchored outside a small harbour overlooking two castles.

In the evening / overnight there was a full-on thunderstorm.

Tuesday 14 – Friday 17 August

Stayed in the Trieste marina. Went specifically there as there are a few chandlers in the town and we might be able to get a replacement dinghy. (even though the glue will hold up the transom and together what we have re-glued we are worried that what hasn’t been reglued will come apart next – so not very safe or reliable). But we got our timings a bit wrong. Wednesday is a public holiday in Italy so many shops were closing on Tuesday and re-opening on Thursday – so it was an expensive stay in Trieste.

The town itself is nice – architecturally very different from what we’ve seen – very Austrian.

On Wednesday night there was a great firework display.

Thursday we visited most of the chandlers and were unable to find a replacement dinghy – we could get one ordered but wouldn’t arrive until mid next week, which is too long for us to wait.

On Friday we left for Slovenia and anchored near Izola.

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