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we received five-star tyre service

no! ... not snow, this was from a massive hailstorm

the brooms were out to clean up after the storm and noticeably...

...... the ladies did the work .... not a man to be...

brooms of all types were used

Telavi had many interesting buildings

an unusual 'attention getter' for Telavi's wine district

some real meat ..... go girl

a true Georgian breakfast was a bit over-the-top for us

our favourite coffee spot .... the best cappuccinos in 8 months

not really a river, but it did flow through Telavi

We spent the first part of our drive to Telavi looking for a tyre retailer to replace our slightly stuffed unit. We did not want to travel far without a spare.

At last we found one. The 'International Tyre Services World Headquarters' in beautiful downtown Nukriana. Maybe that's a bit of exaggeration. It was a small, grubby shed at roadside as they all were.

An hour or so later we were back on the road with a 'used' tyre fitted. No new ones, only used.

For the princely sum of $3AUD we couldn't complain nor expect too much. At least we were rolling and they had rotated wheels so that our best ones were on the front.

As we neared our Telavi over-nighter we noticed a bulge in a sidewall of our recent purchase, not big, but not good. At least it was on the rear so we continued cautiously.

Our rest break in Telavi was in a B&B and our hosts were superb. Body and sign language worked a treat. We were definitely in very good hands.

Not long after our arrival all hell seemed to break loose. The heaviest, noisiest hailstorm hit and were we thankful that we were slightly ahead of schedule. After just a few minutes it looked like we were in snow. We had never experienced a storm like that one anywhere.

To top it off all power was cut so we had no lights, no internet and no water. It was an early night.

Things did get a little more awkward when we received notification that our flight to Paris in two days was cancelled. The alternative offered couldn't work for us but without power, limited connections, language barriers and weekend trading limits we were a little stranded.

Next day we went looking for a cafe' with wi-fi and got to work. Many hours later we had success.

We were back on track with a slightly earlier, but direct flight. The sun was shining again.

Unfortunately when leaving the cafe we heard a loud 'bang'. Two cars backing out of opposite parking spots can be a problem. We expected the worst.

The other driver didn't bother to get out of his car while we inspected the damage. Amazingly there was none and if there were any on the other car it would not show anyway. It looked like it had had quite a few hits already. The driver waved, we each drove off.

Obviously just a normal occurrence in these parts.

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