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Buttle Lake

Buttle Lake 2

Buttle Lake 3

Lady Falls

What a view!!!!!

South end of Buttle Lake

Campbell Lake


Joey on a hunt

Lupin Falls

Two giants sharing the same space

Hemlock Canope

Hemlock Forest Floor

Upper Myra Falls

Falls pool below upper Myra

Lower Myra Falls. There are about 4 more falls below this but...

Joey being majestic by the falls

We have traveled from Port Hardy, down the north coast, spent the day in Strathcona Provincial Park and ended up in Fanny Bay.

Vancouver Island is about 300 miles long and about 50 miles wide. It is a beautiful forest island that is more populated than most of of British Columbia. The capital city, Victoria will be on our agenda toward the end of the week. It seems strange but all the population is on the north side of the island but the best areas to visit are on the south side, which we will be going to the south side tomorrow.

The Strathcona Provincial Park we visited today was really special. We took three hikes to waterfalls that will be in the pictures. We also strolled through some of the most beautiful old growth forest you have ever seen. The trees were mainly western hemlock, cedars, and douglas fir. The hemlocks were outstanding. Some of them were around 300' tall as as much as 5 1/2' across. The absence of deer in this area allow the hemlock to regenerate and they will probably be the dominant species of tree forever. For my Dairymen's friends, I took a bunch of pictures which I will get to you when I return.

This park has it all. Beautiful mountains, lakes, forest, and waterfalls.

We are glad we added Vancouver Island to our agenda. Having a great time.

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