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We left Norway and entered the UK with an hour of extra sleep due to a time zone change. Being Sunday, the shops were closed and the hoped for Shetland and Fair Isle knitwear were out of reach. Bummer! The local ‘lads’ were out sailing in the harbor in the morning as we pulled into Victoria Pier. We had a tour if the island. One of the first stops was at a beach where there were seals frolicking in the shallows. Our main quest on this your is Jarlshof. An important archeological find was uncovered by a fierce storm in the 1890’s. Layers of settlements are buried in this 4,000 year-old historic site. The stone houses are built into the ground for warmth and the stones used have no mortar between the layers. Each structure is connected with others by a series of tunnels. We spent a good hour exploring the structures and then returned to our bus. As we exited the area, we found that the road had to pass over the runway of the nearby airport! Our next stop was to view the distant Mousa Sound and the Broch across its expanse. Views of animal farming filled the reamining tour.

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