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Hard Rock Zildjian cymbals

Hard Rock

Street performer

Today was another rainy day. We went to the buffet breakfast at 8:30 before packing the car and checking out.

We drove down into Manchester to the St. Paul United Methodist Church. It was an interesting modern church design. The congregation was a small older crowd, but very friendly. We were greeted not only at the door, but we were greeted by others while waiting in the pew.

The service was a blend of Sacred Dance, projected service and a jovial Pastor Bob. Surprisingly, we had communion even though it was not the first Sunday of the month. We went to coffee hour afterwards and were greeted and talked with quite a few folks. One was from Woodstown, NJ, another has traveled with OAT, and another talked genealogy with us.

Our next stop was the Hard Rock Cafe located in the heart of the historic section of Boston. We had trouble getting to the restaurant (have you ever driven in Boston?), but eventually we found it. It was decorated along the walls behind the bars with hundreds of Zildjian cymbals.

Jean just had a seltzer and munched on my platter of pulled pork sandwich with fries and beans. I also ordered a small Caesar salad which she also munched on. When we asked for the check, I handed our waitress Carla a survey coupon for $5.00 off. She said would I do another survey with her manager. So when our check appeared, it was brought over by the manager. So I talked up Carla, and then we had a nice long conversation about how the Zildjian cymbals on the wall had imperfections and if perfect would have cost over a million dollars. We then talked about Hard Rock Cafes and Hotels around the world. We took some pictures and I bought a couple of pins in the Rock Shop.

Since we were in the heart of the historic district, and it wasn't currently raining, we decided to walk around. We encountered quite a few street performers, one for which we stayed and watched his act. It was a young gentleman in a kilt who would eventually mount a 10-foot tall unicycle and play the bagpipes and juggle two knives at the same time. His patter was quite humorous and we enjoyed the act.

We returned to the car to begin our adventure in leaving Boston on the most confusing of streets. Once we were back on the interstate, it began to rain again, plus the traffic for a Sunday afternoon was horrendous.

We had wanted to visit the Adams National Historic Park, but it was getting too late in the day and raining, so we found a room at a Hampton Inn and will see the site tomorrow on our way home.

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