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Roman came down to breakfast feeling very unwell. We were all very worried about him and were planning alternative arrangements to get him to Besançon. But alas no, he’d have none of that... and after waiting a short time to recover he bravely pedalled his way with us (or ahead of us ) all day.

Started on quite a busy country road but happily turned off after about 10km and took tiny country roads through farmlands for much of the morning. Ian and Richard were ahead and missed a turn off on a gravel road through forest. We waited for them for about 30mins and finally sent a message with a passing motorist to tell them to come back. Helen and Roman went in ahead rather than wait. The rain became persistent and luckily we were near a small town so stopped at their supermarket /cafe for a coffee in the dry.

Ba k on route after the rain we travel over quiet roads and some rough dirt tracks. Eventually decide to stop for lunch at the tiny village of Vello Reille lès Choye. They have a picnic area next to an odd water feature. Roman doesn’t want lunch so continued on ahead. We eventually catch up to him at an agreed village and find him waiting next to a lovely old lavoir. Some helpful workmen opened the local school for us to top up our water and we were all on the way again. Roman looking much better we were pleased to see.

After lots more undulating road through tiny villages we noticed a big storm approaching. Tried to get our rain gear on quickly but it was too violent and extremely difficult to coverup rapidly. So many of us were quite drenched by time the jackets / ponchos on. It was so violent even cars pulled over as too dangerous to drive. Ian and Tom found shelter in a nearby town and came to get us. Excellent move ! Just before the overhead lightening and thunder. The storm passed after 15-20mins and we were on our way again. Wet weather gear on still. On the outskirts of Besançon and other storm hit us. We were prepared this time and managed to duck under cover and remain dry. We pressed on with navigation by Tom and Helen to get us to our hotel in the centre of the city. A very welcome sight ! We all retired to our rooms and did our own thing for the evening. Tom and I went out for a quick meal in the Uni student / Arab part of town in a small fresh stir fry restaurant.

Distance Today. 78km Total Distance 389km

Elevation Gain 800m

Weather. Rain forecast for most of the day but in the end we had a couple of light showers and then not far from Besançon we had 2 torrential thunderstorms. But lovely cycling weather in between. Temp: 24C


Zénitude Apartment Hotel


Picnic lunch and stir fried Asian style dinner in a local quick food place , for Tom and me.

We are certainly ready for our rest day

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