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We start today along the canal in light misty rain

But even in the mist there are pretty places

And even little waterfalls

We stop at a bar for morning coffee

We look out of place amongst the local men there drinking alcohol...

On we ride following the canal cycle path

We pass lots of barges

And today is a study of different types of opening bridges

Yet another opening bridge

And the réfections were lovely at times

It’s another opening bridge

Suddenly we realise the canal has been built across (over) a river!

Everyone scrambled for photos

Tom keeps an eye on our route

Roman looks particularly fetching in a shower cap

It’s a picnic lunch in a bus shelter today

An old mill


Love those old washing places - lavoirs

Plane but lovely inside. Toms backpack light it and we had to...

Following the VR53 all day

Helen tries to fix a bike problem.

Massive silos along canal

Another river flows under canal

Tom admires Max whilst waiting for

Canal goes through a tunnel. And so do we!

Pretty bridge leads to our hotel

With a travellers library outside

Our hotel

Bike cleaning tome

Next to hotel

An essential purchase

Overview/ Highlights

Text to be added

Distance Today. 90km Total Distance 217km

Elevation Gain 384m


Overcast or light rain for most of the day. But it wasn’t cold. 20C


Hostellerie Au Rendez-vous des Amis


Picnic lunch and 3 course evening menu at hotel for €[4.50

# Punctures.1 Helen Total Punctures 1

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