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A very small village with only 350 residents


We came in through this Fjord

Steep mountains



Off to explore



The fantastic Flam RR - we'll be on it next week.


Electric engines

Once steam driven

HO Model

Today's modern engines

Back to ship

Cruising the fjord


A tiny village with 100 residents and 500 goats






Dinner that evening in the specialty restaurant on board



Nearing sunset at 9:30PM



Good night

Flam is a sleepy, little (population 350) town at the end of a long fjord. It is the home of the Flam RR which was declared impossible to build. It winds up and over the mountains and has many switchbacks and tunnels. We will be back in Flam next week and will ride this RR then when there is more time in this port.

We left right after lunch and spent most of the afternoon traveling the fjord which we had not seen during our trip in the night. There are waterfall streams projecting from the rock walls all along the way. Very few villages exist due to the inaccessibility from the main part of Norway. Only a few roads wind through the mountains to reach the sparsely settled villages where goats and sheep outnumber the human residents. Access by boat is mandatory. In the long winter months, the population is isolated completely.

Dinner that night was at Candles Restaurant with prime beef and fresh caught fish. A wonderful rainbow and sunset sparkled our dinner.

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